2nd Shift Metallurgical Lab Technician - Easton, PA

Manufacturing Easton, Pennsylvania



1.         Understand and abide by all Company safety rules, regulations, and policies.  Ensure that safe and sanitary working conditions are maintained in the facility in accordance with Company standards, as well as, state & federal laws and regulations. Know and understand your OSHA rights.  Conduct safety training topics as required or needed.  Responsible for attending all assigned safety meetings, toolbox talks, and safety training sessions.  As required, promptly investigate accidents and near misses, completing appropriate reports and taking action to eliminate root causes.

2.       Perform chemical analysis of iron through spectroscopy and other laboratory techniques.

3.       Perform mechanical testing of the iron as required.

4.       Perform a wide variety of sand tests on both molding and core sand.

5.       Monitor and maintain all testing and production equipment as required.

6.       Maintain the metallurgical and process control parameters.

7.       Work with the production personnel (hourly and salary) to ensure the integrity of the metal and sand quality.

8.       Initiate and maintain metallurgical reports.

9.       Participate in the Quality improvement/Lean processes to effect positive results.




1.                Technical education or background a plus.

2.                Basic foundry experience in molding or melt a plus.

3.                Good mechanical and technical ability.

4.                Good computer skills.

5.                Excellent oral and written communication skills.

6.                Strong analytical problem solving ability.

7.                Excellent attendance record and the availability to work overtime as required.

8.                Text Box: 								Excellent ability to work well with others.