Urgent Care Veterinarian

Ingleburn Veterinary Emergency Centre Ingleburn, NSW Casual 3123


Position at Ingleburn Veterinary Hospital

πŸ“’ Golden Opportunity for Experienced Veterinarians Seeking Change πŸ“’

Are you an accomplished General Practice (GP) Veterinarian eager to transition into Urgent Care, or an experienced Emergency and Critical Care (ECC) Veterinarian yearning for a respite from overnight shifts? Ingleburn Veterinary Hospital, situated in the esteemed outer south-western suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales, welcomes you to a transformative career chapter.

What Sets Ingleburn Veterinary Hospital Apart:

πŸ₯ Cutting-edge Facility: Our establishment, founded in 1983, stands as an embodiment of progress. Our arsenal includes an array of advanced equipment, encompassing a fully-equipped theatre, digital radiography, ultrasonography, and state-of-the-art AI-powered laboratory apparatus.

πŸŒ† Prime Location: Our hospital offers an ideal blend of professional growth and quality lifestyle, situated amidst a thriving locale. The region boasts excellent access to public transport and a myriad of amenities.

🌟 Community Integration: Ingleburn Veterinary Hospital is deeply rooted in the local community. Be a driving force in reinvigorating our Emergency service, serving as a cornerstone for more than 30 referring general practice clinics in the south-western Sydney region.

Qualities We Seek in You:

πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ Transition Enthusiast: If you're an adept GP Veterinarian seeking to broaden your horizons into Urgent Care, or an ECC Veterinarian yearning for a change from overnight shifts, this is your chance. Your skill in navigating fast-paced environments, coupled with unwavering composure under pressure, aligns perfectly with our expectations. Your role will encompass evening shifts culminating at midnight, along with Sundays on a rotational basis. You'll collaborate with our outstanding nursing team, ensuring unparalleled patient care.

πŸ” Veterinary Virtuoso: With a minimum of 3 years' practical experience and BVSc or equivalent, and registration to practice in Australia, you'll orchestrate caseloads independently, deftly managing comprehensive patient care with precision.

🀝 Exemplary Communicator and Mentor: Your prowess in forging robust client relationships through effective communication is paramount. Additionally, your role will extend to mentoring and nurturing a younger cohort of emergency veterinarians, fostering a culture of continuous growth.

Your Gains from Joining Us:

πŸš€ Championing Transformation: Drive the resurgence of our Emergency service, contributing to its evolution and leaving an indelible mark on the veterinary landscape.

πŸ“š Unceasing Growth: Our affiliation grants you access to pragmatic training initiatives through our network of Veterinary Training Centres. This empowers your professional odyssey with perpetual learning.

πŸŽ“ Educational Empowerment: We invest in your knowledge augmentation through a continuing education allowance and study leave, facilitating your pursuit of excellence.

🌐 Cohesive Network: Establish connections within a cohort of accomplished veterinary professionals and dedicated support staff, fostering an environment of collective enrichment.

🌏 Relocation Facilitation: Eligible candidates can avail themselves of relocation support, including sponsorship for you and your dependents, streamlining your transition.

Seize this Unique Opportunity:

If you're ready to craft an illustrious course in your veterinary journey, Ingleburn Veterinary Hospital eagerly awaits your application. Embark on an expedition of delivering exemplary pet healthcare.  Embrace this moment to be part of an exceptional legacy! 🐾🩺🌟