Bigdata Architect

Corporate Information Technology Bangalore, India R-22615


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On April 14, 1981, in Honolulu, Hawaii, William “Bill” Melton incorporated his new tech company. The original intention was to provide a recourse for retailers who’d been swindled by people handing out bad checks. Bill's product was a kind of verification device using phone lines—a verification phone.

But then a pivot. The credit card industry was relatively new at the time and processing was still being done with carbon paper. Bill saw a way to reduce costs for companies like Visa and MasterCard, while capitalizing on this new technology. Instead of verifying checks, we would provide local businesses a means to electronically process credit card payments. And thus, the Verifone payment device was born.

Now, Verifone is one of the world’s largest POS terminal vendors and a leading provider of payment and commerce solutions. We operate in more than 150 countries and employ nearly 6,000 people globally. Our steady growth has come organically, through a dedication to innovation and strategic partnerships, as well as from savvy acquisitions.

We believe great work comes from incredible people. We’ve established a team with dedication to committed support and unmatched expertise. Whether it’s building significant client experiences or paving the way for the future breakthrough in payment technology, Verifone is a place where growing your career means making a global impact. Let’s shape the future of commerce together.

Job Title: Bigdata Architect

Job Description
Extensive years of work experience
Extensive years of experience working on Kafka to continue to meet high expectations of platform support and service
Experience supporting and managing complex / high volume environments with including Architecture
and Design - MVDC, Active/Active, Scaling Infra, and Provisioning Kafka instances in VM
Ability to design and develop application using JMS client o interact with Kafka broker
Ability to Ensure Kafka stability in support of many critical business applications
Ability to investigate messaging issues and working with colleagues to solve at root cause
Ability to contribute to platform modernization and automation efforts
Willingness and ability to share rotational on-call responsibilities
Ability to building Kafka cluster in different data center to get better resiliency and scalability
Ability to building Telemetry around Kafka for monitoring and analyzing API flows/events and better/faster messaging
Automated monitoring and fault tolerance
Parallel relational databases, such as Impala, Hadapt, or HAWQ
Data modelling
Experience in working on NoSQL databases such as MongoDB
Performance measurement and tuning
Development languages such as Scala / Java
Scripting languages, such as Python is an added plus
Experience with automated testing frameworks
Experience with IaaS and PaaS providers such as AWS, Rackspace, or Azure.
Reports and dashboards with advanced visualizations is an added plus

Verifone is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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