Processor Performance Engineer

Engineering Bengaluru, India


Ventana Micro Systems is at the forefront of the two hottest trends that are revolutionizing the semiconductor industry: RISC-V and Chiplet Architecture. Check out our CEO talking with global tech analyst Patrick Moorhead about how Ventana combines the extensibility of RISC-V with chiplet technology to create customer-driven innovation for best-in-class solutions for the data center.

Ventana is well-funded and backed by some of the largest strategic investors in the industry with the goal of building best-in-class CPU cores for cloud, enterprise, 5G, and Edge computing. We invite you to join the revolution and contribute to one of the Hottest Semiconductor startups in the industry.

Processor Performance Engineer Role:

  • Develop a detailed understanding of both the RISC-V ISA and our Core and Subsystem microarchitecture - critically review Design Specifications
  • Develop and refine a Performance Modeling infrastructure and near cycle accurate models
  • Define (and develop as necessary) applications, benchmarks, and micro-benchmarks on which to measure performance
  • Analyze and verify important performance characteristics at multiple levels of simulation, as well as with prototyping platforms and silicon. Track results over time and quickly identify unexpected regressions
  • Work with Core and Noncore Architects and the RTL Design team to identify performance opportunities and identify approaches to address them. Help specify performance monitoring hardware support

Collaborate with our Software team on:

  1. Characterization and optimization of key software libraries and middle-ware (e.g. JVM)
  2. Compiler/toolchain optimization/tuning guidelines for our microarchitecture
  3. Application-level workload characterization/optimization

Qualifications Required:

  • 8+ years industry experience with responsibility for either microarchitecture/design or a combination of performance modeling, analysis, validation, and correlation for high performance CPU or GPU, memory subsystem, or related system-level designs
  • Strong domain knowledge of state-of-the-art computer architecture concepts
  • Ability to work independently and across geographies, with a passion to develop the best possible products
  • Bachelors or Masters degree in a related engineering field

Skills Desired:

  • C/C++/System-C modeling of near cycle accurate simulators
  • Industry experience with CPU microarchitecture (e.g. ISAs including: x86, ARM, SPARC, MIPS, RISC-V, POWER) and/or coherent caching systems
  • Working knowledge of compiler technology and optimization techniques
  • Verilog/SystemVerilog development experience
  • Experience in compiled and/or interpreted (Python, perl) languages, especially with respect to processing large, complex data sets and extracting meaningful information


Ventana is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. We value diversity and uphold an inclusive environment where all people feel that they are equally respected and valued. Qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin or nationality, ancestry, age, disability, gender identity or expression, marital status, veteran status, or any other category protected by law.


Ventana encourages all employees to be fully vaccinated (and boosted, if eligible) against COVID-19. We do require Proof of vaccination (or proof of a negative PCR test) to work in the office or meet with customers/ business partners.

NOTICE: External Recruiters/ Staffing Agencies:

Ventana Micro instructs agencies not to engage with its employees to present candidates. Employees are not authorized to enter into any agreement regarding the placement of candidates. All unsolicited resumes received as gratuitous submissions. We reserve the right to directly contact any candidate speculatively submitted by a third party. Such contact will not constitute acceptance of any contractual arrangement between Ventana and the agency, and Ventana will not be liable for any fees should it choose to engage the candidate’s services. All external recruiters and staffing agencies are required to have a valid contract executed by Ventana’s CFO.

Please Note: Fraudulent job postings/job scams are increasingly common. Our open positions can be found through the careers page on our website.

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