Engagement Specialist

Community Engagement


Position at Uplers Solution Pvt Ltd

  • Manage the end to end process of developing effective communication, posting on social media, and engaging with the community members
  • Moderating, listening and engaging regularly with community members and during community meetings/events.
  • Reach out to community members via telephone, email, or other platforms to maintain a connection with them in one all or one-to-one setting.
  • Managing chat to drive the personal engagement, answer queries, and handle troubleshooting 
  • Create, Manage and Execute campaigns, webinars & events online and offline.
  • The program, manage and execute various engagement programs. Planning, organizing, and managing virtual/physical events including catch-up sessions, learning & development sessions, fun activities, monthly meetups, local meet-ups, and workcations.
  • Managing the multiple social media platforms to interact with community members.
  • Wear a hat of an advocate and an advisor to understand professional concerns and needs, gain meaningful insights, resolves, and/or coordinate the resolution of issues by engaging the business and other stakeholders
  • Proactively monitor, engage, and respond to key social media online conversations to help build an authentic community.
  • Launch community initiatives (e.g., building an online forum, leading an ambassador program, creating an event series, and writing an email newsletter)