Sr. Software Engineer / Subject Matter Expert / Interviewer ( Freelancer )



Position at Uplers Solution Pvt Ltd

o Helps in debriefing the requirement from the client and identify right skills sets required to be successful in each opportunities from the client

o Help us in building & curating the technical assessments for different skills or opportunities

o Interpret the outcome of curated assessment and draft interview questions to create candidate profile on skills.

o Able to interview SRE or software engineers or Marketing talent and select the right fit for relevant opportunity

o Set up live coding practices within the team and ensuring accuracy of feedback is maintained using AI

o Input AI / product team to improvise on outcome AI is generating

o Analyze the outcome of shortlisted talents and revise the assessments of interview practices

This is a Contractual or part time or full time position but remote opportunity depending on how passionate you are to make interviews reliable for Indian Talents and global client

Good in English with strong assessment skills.

o Previous hands-on experience on technical programming language or Performance Marketing .

o Previous experience on interviewing software engineers or Marketing professionals and preferably creating or curating assessment

o Experienced in analyzing the right assessments for the different level of candidates

o Either played a role of mentor or technical educator or potential as an senior tech expert who explores different technical skills and guides developers.

o Hands-on coding experience with different technical programming languages like DotNet, Java, Python, DevOps, Open Sources, C++, C#, R, Swift, Go, and Performance Marketing etc.

o Comfortable working with different tools that help in curating technical assessment like Codility, HackerRank, HackerEarth, etc.

o 8 + years of experience on programming language or as Marketing professional.

o Proactive and punctual (meet the deadlines) to complete the assigned tasks