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Administrative Assistant, Marketing New York, New York
Coordinator, Digital Media Design Hollywood, California
Coordinator, Urban Marketing Santa Monica, California
Creative Director Brentwood, Tennessee
CRM & Digital Media Marketing Specialist Singapore, Singapore
Digital Ads and Social Media Marketing Specialist Bangkok, Thailand
Digital Marketing Coordinator, Bilingual (English/Spanish) Miami Beach, Florida
Director, Brand Management Santa Monica, California
Director, Commercial Marketing Hollywood, California
Director, Global Content & Artist Channel Strategy (YouTube) Santa Monica, California
Director, Global Streaming Brentwood, Tennessee
Director, International Hollywood, California
Director, International Marketing Urban Hollywood, California
Director, Label Catalog New York, New York
Director, Marketing Los Angeles, California
Director, Marketing - Urban New York, New York
International Marketing Executive Manila, Philippines
International Marketing Manager, Urban Hollywood, California
Manager Marketing - Urban New York, New York
Manager of Programming Nashville, Tennessee
Manager, Digital Marketing Brentwood, Tennessee
Manager, Digital Marketing New York, New York
Manager, Digital Strategy - Alternative New York, New York
Manager, Digital Strategy - Pop New York, New York
Marketing Director Manila, Philippines
Marketing Manager Singapore, Singapore
Marketing Manager Kings Cross, London
Marketing Manager, RedRecords Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Marketing Product Manager, Bilingual (English/Spanish) Miami Beach, Florida
Physical & Digital Release Manager Kings Cross, London
Playlist + Streaming Optimization Consultant (Temporary Assignment) Santa Monica, California
Project & Brand Manager, Merchandising New York, New York
Project Manager (Creative Solutions) Kings Cross, London
Sales Manager – South East Asia Bangkok, Thailand
Senior Account Manager Kings Cross, London
Social Manager / Audience Development Lead Kings Cross, London
Vice President of Sales and Marketing Santa Monica, California
Visual Streaming Manager Kings Cross, London
VP, Marketing & Communications Encino, California
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