Associate Implementation Consultant

Professional Services Troy, Michigan


Position Summary

The Associate Implementation Consultant is an entry-level implementation position.  In this developing/learning capacity, the incumbent will learn Tyler software products and implementation approach and eventually be responsible for knowledge transfer directly to clients so they can use Tyler’s software solutions effectively in a production environment. Initially, the incumbent ‘shadows’ more experienced Implementation Consultants in order to learn the job. 


Principal Duties

·         Learn software products with the goal of beginning to provide professional services such as consultation, software readiness, and education to clients on Tyler software products.

·         Gather customer data and ready it to be loaded into the software utilizing Microsoft Excel.

·         Assist with designing and conducting knowledge transfer sessions through webinars.

·         Educate users on fundamental software functionality essential to the solution as well as on data entry, system administration, user security, and user permissions.

·         Perform consultation/analysis of basic complexity of client business model to identify and document client requirements regarding Tyler products and functionality.

·         Play an active role in troubleshooting client issues of basic complexity.  Work with the Support or Development departments to resolve issues of basic complexity.

·         Keep up to date on administrative tasks such as documenting client issues, communicating agendas, submitting trip reports, timesheets and weekly expense reports, and updating systems-related client activity.

·         May assist QA staff with product testing or modification testing as required.

·         Notify more experienced staff, management and/or appropriate organization/department of issues or unplanned events that could impact the effectiveness/schedule/budget of the implementation.

·         Act as liaison between the client and company’s technical staff including conveying technical information of basic complexity so that non-technical individuals can understand.

·         May participate in the annual Users Conference to facilitate user group discussion on assigned module/topic.

·         Perform other duties as assigned.


Scope and Impact (Accountability)

The Associate Implementation Consultant position is an entry-level role which initially generates minimal revenue with the goal of becoming a full time, revenue-generating position.  The Associate Implementation Consultant works within their knowledge, ability, and experience to help the client make decisions. Incumbents in this position are accountable for identifying and resolving issues of basic complexity, partnering with more experienced staff to resolve most issues, and capturing the client’s specific software/business specifications, configuration and other needs.  The quality of the implementation can directly affect the volume of work and the project’s profitability. He or she adheres to project assignments to successfully transition the client to Tyler software.



The Associate Implementation Consultant must be able to:

·         Expeditiously learn, understand, and demonstrate such knowledge of Tyler software applications by following the implementation methodology approach.

·         Demonstrate ability to understand business processes and apply these to the product.

·         Demonstrate excellent people skills and ability to build client relationships.

·         Maintain a courteous, professional, and confident demeanor throughout the implementation process.

·         Work with a diverse group of people, and adapt to and work in a dynamic environment.

·         Exercise good judgment, discretion, and tact while working with clients.

·         Maintain the ability to perform the functions of the application on different data platforms.

·         Manage multiple tasks and deadlines simultaneously.

·         Complete tasks with general direction.

·         Demonstrate growing knowledge of implementation processes, problem management tools and procedures.

·         Demonstrate excellent partnering, communicating, and negotiating skills in order to gather client requirements and communicate effectively with the Project Managers, Development, DBA’s and Support staff.

·         Maintain composure under pressure.

·         Work effectively in a fast paced, team based, customer service oriented environment.

·         Recognize and react appropriately to the complexity and criticality of incidents related to the implementation business function.


Education, Experience and Special Skills

·         Bachelor’s degree, or comparable work experience.

·         Knowledge of Microsoft Excel to work with data.

·         Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

·         Familiarity and ease with computer systems and Microsoft Office products.

·         Strong problem solving and analytical skills.

·         Valid driver’s license.