Development Manager

Software Development Lakewood, Colorado United States Tempe, Arizona Lawrenceville, Georgia Troy, Michigan Billings, Montana Lubbock, Texas Plano, Texas United States



  • Promotes and ensures Scrum and Agile best practices within the team
  • Ensure team is meeting commitment within sprints and releases
  • Provide ongoing collaboration with Product Management to build release plans, sprint plans based on the capacities of the development team.
  • Help team to size and estimate work
  • Enforcement of adherence to the development process
  • Oversee and direct technical direction for the product or delegate as appropriate
  • Recruit, develop and retain individuals with skills, attitude and experience necessary to enable the organization to meet commitments
  • Conduct performance management and provide continuous feedback/on-going development of direct reports
  • Maintain a wide breadth of knowledge of all the Tyler products, as well as Tyler development standards for those products
  • Ensure support for other departments is being delivered timely and with quality
  • Participates in planning activities for the development organization
  • Performs cross-team project lead responsibilities
  • Participates in gathering and analyzing development organization statistics and metrics
  • Manage the general quality of the product
  • Performs other job-related duties and responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time
  • Lead design and architectural process/decisions, as appropriate
  • Effectively manage in an atmosphere where conflicting priorities are common.
  • Demonstrate willingness and strong ability to collaborate and communicate with various stakeholders across Tyler.
  • Demonstrate the ability to lead, work in and contribute to a fast-paced environment.
  • Demonstrate accountability for productivity, revenue, timelines, and quality - all of which could potentially have conflicting goals.
  • See the compromises between the goals of the department and work to reach the most optimal solution in any given situation.
  • Demonstrate ability to deal with multiple organizational issues and make appropriate trade-offs as required.
  • Demonstrate ability to see the compromises between the goals and work to reach the most optimal solutions.
  • Demonstrate ability to rise above the day-to-day tasks and see the bigger picture – and to strive towards the big picture regardless of how difficult it may be to accomplish it.
  • Demonstrate proficient knowledge of software development practice, concepts, technology, methodology and trends in technology.
  • Demonstrate excellent partnering, negotiation and communication skills.
  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of management/leadership skills and possess the management basics – planning, organizing, directing, developing and supervising.
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively lead others and accomplish the goals/objectives of the department and organization.
  • Provide tactical leadership for a department within the software development function.
  • Model desired organizational behavior as defined in the company values and leadership competencies.
  • Cultivate, support and promote an organizational culture that provides for high performance, high morale, integrity, teamwork and work-life balance.
  • Fully participate in organizational processes/initiatives, i.e. performance management, interviewing, budgeting, training, etc.
  • Coach and develop people from an organization-wide perspective.
  • Demonstrate ability to delegate day-to-day operations and focus on the goals of the development organization while staying in touch with the development organization and its needs.


  • BS/BA degree preferred or equivalent technology experience.
  • Examples of positions that are “points of entry” for this position include but are not limited to:
    • Senior Analyst
    • Support Account Manager
    • Lead Developer
  • The employee must have notable, relevant industry experience.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively lead team and produce quality product in a timely manner - consistently.
  • Demonstrated expert knowledge of development process and methodologies.
  • Demonstrated expert knowledge of Tyler product architecture and technologies.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively work with other departments and have client interactions.
  • Demonstrated expert leadership ability.
  • Demonstrated expert organization and planning ability.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills including verbal and written communication skills, teamwork and customer service skills.


  • Business: Primary responsibility is for a team of individuals focused on the development analysis of client business processes and the documentation of the changes to be made in either the processes or the product software necessary to meet the client’s business needs.
  • Technical: Primary responsibility for development personnel involved in software development activities focused on changes to the code within the application.
  • Delivery: Primary responsibility is for a team of individuals focused on all aspects of delivery for a business application.  This includes the analysts, developers, and delivery personnel required to successfully deliver the product in a high-quality, cost-effective manner.
  • Quality Assurance: The Development Manager is responsible for a team of individuals focused on the development and execution of test plans that result in the release of high-quality code to the user base.