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Position Description

Job Title:

Conversion Engineer


April 2022


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Cindy Mikkelson

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Position Summary

The Conversion Engineer is responsible for converting and migrating client’s existing data from their legacy system to Tyler’s applications.  The Conversion Engineer handles projects which are of moderate complexity.

Principal Duties

  • Design, develop, troubleshoot and execute packages to convert client data using stored procedures, functions, and scripts (i.e. SQL, etc.) in a database environment (such as Oracle, SQL Server, etc.).
  • Collaborate and communicate effectively with development staff, project management, business/implementation analysts and other relevant parties to develop data conversion packages that meet client business rules/requirements.
  • Design, implement, and maintain new and existing database objects including tables, indexes, constraints, stored procedures, and user-defined functions in support of data conversion utilities and projects.
  • Ensure data conversion solutions are appropriate, technically sound and successfully meet client requirements.
  • Obtain data conversion specifications from implementation, project manager or another internal technology resource.  May occasionally interface with clients directly.
  • Perform data analysis to identify data patterns and anomalies of moderate complexity.
  • Troubleshoot conversion logic involving resolving data verification and related issues (i.e. identifying and resolving missing/incorrect data elements; issues involving data balancing, data transporting, data corruption and other data conversion and related issues). Maintain issue resolution logs as appropriate.
  • Perform data verification and balancing between old and new systems.
  • Create and update conversion logic to resolve client issues in test and production environments.
  • Understand and implement test scripts and plans, assess results and identify effective data conversion solutions.
  • Identify and write performance tuning scripts and tools to efficiently extract and process large data sets.
  • Perform database administration activities (i.e. backup, restore, DBCC commands, indexing, shrink, etc.).
  • May install converted data at the client site.
  • Create and update conversion logic to resolve client issues in test and production environments.
  • Engage in query performance tuning.
  • Support on-site Implementation as needed.
  • Manage workload to meet strict deadlines and communicates status regularly to team.
  • Develop, maintain, and document conversion programs and processes.
  • May occasionally travels to client sites.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Scope and Impact (Accountability)

The Conversion Engineer is a member of the Conversion Team which is responsible for designing, implementing, testing and reviewing each conversion project to insure an effective conversion. The Conversion Engineer has moderate decision making authority and relies on more experienced staff members to make decisions on projects. Consequences of an error carry a moderate to high risk to the organization because of the importance of the conversion to the implementation project. 



The Conversion Engineer must be able to:

  • Write and debug SQL statements.
  • Work with SSIS packages.
  • Follow documented instructions.
  • Understand processes and the relationships between activities well enough to critically evaluate options when activities go “off the script”
  • Perform conversion tasks with some supervision.
  • Learn new technologies and concepts quickly.
  • Participate openly in a collaborative environment.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to perform effective conversions and work towards improving technical expertise.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of software development practices, concepts, and technologies obtained through formal training and work experience.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of required development languages.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the technical/business environment.
  • Demonstrate ability to analyze and resolve problems of medium complexity with some guidance


Education, Experience and Special Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field.
  • Solid database knowledge and understanding involving experience and understanding of database structures and with using database schemas, database objects, tables, indexes, relationships and constraints leveraging technologies such as SQL Server, Oracle and/or related technologies.
  • Typically, two or more years of prior work experience effectively designing, implementing and maintaining stored procedures and functions and using aggregate functions involving leveraging SQL or related technology.
  • Solid knowledge, understanding and experience creating and maintaining queries in SQL Server, Oracle or related technology.
  • Solid knowledge and understanding identifying and writing performance tuning scripts and tools to efficiently extract and process data.
  • Solid experience with SQL, PL/SQL or related technologies and with writing and debugging moderately complex scripts and statements (such as SQL).
  • Understanding of full life cycle development.
  • Prior experience effectively implementing testing plans and scripts.
  • Ability to work well within deadline-oriented development structure.
  • Ability to work well both independently and within a team environment.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills with prioritizing/organizing multiple work streams to ensure deadlines are met.
  • Skilled technical abilities and desire to learn new things.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Demonstrable problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills including teamwork collaboration skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills including verbal and written communication skill, teamwork and customer service skills.
  • Programming knowledge requirements – SQL or related technology:
    • Proficiently use SQL Server Management Studio
    • Write and maintain stored procedures and functions
    • Use aggregate functions in SQL
    • Create and maintain queries of moderate complexity in SQL Server
    • Understand and use database schemas, tables, relationships, and constraints
    • Develop, maintain, and troubleshoot conversion packages using SQL Server Business Intelligence Design Studio
    • Ability to write reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
    • Development experience with the .NET Framework is a plus
    • Application development experience is a plus
    • Knowledge of AWS environments, services and processes is a plus



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