Appraisal Commercial Reviewer

Appraisal Services United States


As a Commercial Reviewer, you would be required to learn and utilize appropriate client-based appraisal software applications to finalize appraised values in all categories of commercial, industrial, and exempt properties. Additional objectives include accurate data collection and eventual defense of value before appointed Boards. The position requires the ability to apply a minimum combination of appraisal knowledge, analytical skills, and the ability to work outdoors in all weather conditions.



  • Inspect and gather images of properties to ensure that property records reflect current and accurate property characteristics.

  • Collect and record detailed property and economic data and verify data via interview with property owner or occupant if available.

  • Analyze income, cost, and land models to identify patterns or anomalies as applied to individual properties.

  • Final reconciliation of value considering cost, income, and market approach.

  • Prepare and present defense of values to appointed Boards.


  •  Minimum commercial mass appraisal experience
  • Spatial ability to read maps and locate a physical location on a map
  • Basic math skills to calculate square footage, ratios, and similar functions

  • General PC skills including knowledge of MS Word and Excel, or other equivalents, are    desirable

  • Must be able to provide reliable transportation, carry full insurance on vehicle and have valid driver’s license.