Appraisal Commercial Reviewer

Appraisal Services Marietta, Georgia



  • Final reconciliation of value considering cost, income, and market approach.
  • Analyze income and expense statements, cost, and land models to identify patterns or anomalies as applied to individual properties.
  • Prepare and present defense of values to appointed Boards.
  • Inspect and gather images of properties to ensure that property records reflect current and accurate property characteristics.
  • Collect and record detailed property and economic data and verify data via interview with property owner or occupant if available.
  • Analyze sales to determine validity
  •       Examines field review documents as recorded by Commercial/Industrial Data Collectors for       completeness and accuracy. Updates as necessary. 
  • Communicates with taxpayers in a professional manner
  • Drives personal vehicle to property locations, getting in and out of vehicle, as required to complete an effective review


  • Two years or more experience as a commercial data collector or review appraiser.
  • Significant commercial mass appraisal experience
  • Excellent analytical ability
  • Spatial ability to read maps and locate a physical location on a map
  • Ability to visualize floor plan footprints based on three-dimensional buildings
  • Good math skills to calculate square footage, ratios, and similar functions
  • Working knowledge of income capitalization
  • General PC skills including knowledge of MS Word and Excel, or other equivalents, are desirable
  • Must be able to provide reliable transportation, carry full insurance on vehicle and have valid driver’s license.