Appraisal Commercial Reviewer

Appraisal Services Darren, Connecticut



  • Analyze sales of vacant and improved properties in order to implement in database table format:
    • Neighborhood boundaries
    • Land values
    • Improvement cost levels
    • Depreciation
  • Analyze and reconstruct income and expense statements
    • Develop rental rates for all types of properties
    • Develop capitalization rates
  • Make final value determinations in field and be prepared to make onsite corrections to building description information


  • Practitioner-Appraiser, preferably with field experience.
  • Data Collection experience is a plus
    • Familiar with commercial structures
    • Able to measure, sketch, and label buildings in the field
  • Acquaintance with principles of real property appraisal
  • Understand and be able to implement both the cost and income approach to value