Sr. DevOps Engineer, Enterprise Supervision

Software Development United States Modesto, California


Come join Tyler Technologies as a Senior DevOps Engineer! The Enterprise Supervision team is looking for experienced DevOps Engineers to help build and run services and infrastructure that will enable the growth of Enterprise Supervision’s Case Management product.

Our DevOps team is responsible for researching, designing, building, and maintaining the automation tools and infrastructure needed to successfully move features from development through QA to production, managing build CI/CD pipelines, and overseeing infrastructure availability, scalability, and security.

The strongest candidates will have a solid operations and automation expertise and demonstrated software development experience on large scale cloud infrastructure.


  • Help develop and implement comprehensive CI/CD pipelines.
  • Develop tools to improve our ability to rapidly deploy and effectively monitor services in a large-scale distributed environment.
  • Work with teams to architect, develop, and implement innovative software solutions related to the DevOps and Agile transformation of the enterprise.
  • Participate in periodic on-call duties.
  • Troubleshoot complex environment, software, and workflow problems.
  • Perform all tasks related to system, database and software administration on Development, QA, and Production servers.
  • Install, maintain and administer all servers and software related to development activities, including backups, OS and Software upgrades.

Tech Stack

  • GitLab hosts our code and CI/CD
  • We primarily run our infrastructure on AWS (GovCloud)
  • We use Terraform for IaC and to wrangle all the DevOps resources we manage
  • Apps deploy to docker containers (and a few executables)
  • Our hosting platform is based on the Hashi-stack (Consul/Nomad/Vault)
  • We use Packer to builds AMIs


You should feel comfortable navigating Linux, CI environments, and SRE/DevOps principals. At minimum, you should have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent experience.
  • 5+ years of Linux system administration experience (we have a mix of Ubuntu and NixOS).
  • 3+ years of cloud-focused experience as a DevOps engineer, software engineer, or similar discipline on AWS.
  • 3+ years of experience working in a CI/CD environment.
  • Experience in applying “Infrastructure as Code” and similar principals.


  • Implementing and maintaining highly available and secure systems.
  • Migrating and managing AWS workloads.
  • NixOS, systemd, Docker
  • The Hashi-stack tools (vault, consul, nomad, packer, terraform, boundary)
  • AWS services including: EC2, VPC, ELB, RDS, Route53, CloudWatch, S3, CloudFront, etc.
  • Interest or experience in functional programming, and Haskell in particular