Assistant Manager

Customer Service Madison, Wisconsin


The Assistant Manager will embody the Mansion Hill Inn’s dedication to excellence through AMAZING hospitality and interpersonal skills.  The Assistant Manager will work closely with the General Manager to ensure daily operations function at a highly efficient level, and will work with guests and staff to create an environment that is geared towards anticipating and responding to guest needs, before, during, and after their stay.

Exceptional Customer Service

As a representative of the Mansion Hill Inn, all employees should sincerely endeavor to make their guests’ stay the most enjoyable one possible. The Assistant Manager is expected to exemplify this attitude by:

  • Anticipating guest needs.
  • Demonstrating a willingness to go above and beyond to see that guest needs are satisfied.
  • Ensuring that the guest has had an enjoyable stay.
  • Creating moments of “Wow” to make memorable experiences truly remarkable.


Assistant Manager is expected to interact with guests, staff, and the General Manager on a daily basis and should be adept at communicating concise points, tailored to the situation or audience.

  • Periodically, the Assistant Manager will be required to resolve conflict, whether it is between staff members or a guest with specific needs and be able to interact with a calm demeanor and still be informative and helpful.
  • The Assistant Manager’s position frequently forms a bridge between the General Manager and other aspects of operations. They must be an adept intermediary, able to sum up pertinent points so that appropriate decisions can be made in a timely manner.

Polished Professionalism

  • Assistant Manager MUST operate quickly under difficult conditions and remain professional and calm while flexible and lighthearted to defuse any tense situation.

Highly Adaptable/ Committed to Continuous Improvement

  • Because the General Manager’s position frequently calls them away from the Inn, the Assistant Manager will be the go-to individual for problems that arise:
  • Must be able to think quickly and adapt to appropriate solutions which can satisfy both the expectations of the guest and the Inn.
  • Should not only be a problem-solver, but able to assess situations and head off in new directions when necessary.
  • Should always be thinking of new and innovative ways to meet our guests’ needs or streamline our operations: New restaurant opening that would be perfect for our guests? New events going on that we could recommend our guests attend? Is there a service that we should be providing?

Reliable Team Player

  • Ensures that the Team is working together as one well-oiled machine; by instilling/assigning tasks, to taking on those tasks themselves. An Assistant Manager operates both as part of this team and outside of it. 

Fiscally Responsible

  • Make sure that the Inn’s supplies are not only well-stocked, but both of a high caliber and affordable.
  • Committed to keeping costs down while preserving our amazing product.

Other Duties

As the name implies, the role of Assistant Manager largely consists of assisting the General Manager in the daily operations at the Inn and maintaining the Inn’s vision and goals. This may include:

  • Filling in shifts.
  • Assisting the General Manager with projects.
  • Help maintain the MHI website, and our presence on various other internet platforms.
  • Aid in the hiring and termination of employees.
  • Frequently in charge of scheduling.

Other Required Skills

  • Excellent written proficiency
  • Comfortable with MS Word, and Excel
  • Comfortable with both Internet and Email (as a Guide you will be using both of these extensively as the primary method of communicating with the office)


All applicants must have a current, valid Driver’s License. In order to comply with our liability insurance, all staff must have a clear driving record. Food and beverage licenses are strongly encouraged for all applicants considering this position, but not required.

We are an E-Verify employer.

For more information, please click on the following links:
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