Mgr, Engineering - FT Days

Maintenance 84600 - Plant Maintenance Full-Time Days 8 Hour


Under the direction of the Director of Facilities, the Manager, Engineering manages the testing and maintenance of systems and equipment to ensure its proper operation. Maintains building components for safety and comfort within the environment of care. Manages the Life Safety plan to ensure compliance with all required regulatory agencies.

Core Competencies

  • Works with the Director on hiring and termination, performance evaluations, staffing needs, budgetary concerns, Interdepartmental relations and implementation of new procedures.
  • Receives, evaluates, prioritizes, and assigns refurbishment work orders to staff. Directs staff in promptly addressing safety related work orders. Instructs staff to update the work order system to include current status of request, special notes/comments, hours worked and closeout. Informs the Building Maintenance Supervisor of any work orders requiring further attention.
  • Provides for purchase and storage of supplies, materials, and tools that organized, clearly marked in a specific location, inventories on a scheduled basis and replace to keep inventory at a minimum and manageable level. Insures control over materials to minimize waste and loss. Reports to Director on a regular basis usage of materials to maintain budgetary goals.
  • Ensures that Engineering policies and procedures are carried out by the plant operations staff, and that all memos, directives, policy changes, and general information are communicated to each staff member.
  • Notifies Director of Facilities Services immediately of and deviations from the norm.
  • Provides supervision for engineering staff or outside contractors that work to maintain, replace, or repair parts or sections of the systems.
  • Coordinates and documents repair of equipment through Engineering Department work order system.
  • Assesses and oversees new and changing regulatory standards.
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory agencies and compliance requirements (TJC, CMS, Title 22, etc).
  • Interprets regulatory standards and demonstrates current knowledge of local, state, and national standards/ codes/ regulations via use of appropriate resources.
  • Maintains testing standards to meet regulatory and accreditation requirements.
  • Initiates or makes recommendations for personnel actions, promotions and disciplinary action; encourages professional development of department personnel through in-service education; develops and maintains job description for all staff members; resolves staff grievance.
  • Prepares and presents Life/Fire Safety quarterly and annual reports to the EOC Committee.
  • Provides the Fire/Life Safety management report on a quarterly basis to the Environment of Care Committee.
  • Evaluates and coordinates equipment repair and maintenance.
  • Provides training for new personnel or updated training to established personnel.
  • Assists with the training of new department staff members in accordance with the departmental training process, including documentation process.
  • Develops, maintains and updates department policies and procedures; and develops and maintains training materials.
  • Acts as spokesperson for utility systems during Joint Commission, DHS, OSHPD and other AHJ surveys.
  • Assigns staff to shifts, repair tasks, preventive maintenance responsibilities, and clean-up duties.
  • Attends meetings, as required, and participates in committees, as directed
  • Leads/facilitates/participates in performance improvement teams and/or activities using current methods and tools.
  • Participates in developing department goals, objectives, standards of performance, and policies and procedures.
  • Participates in the attainment of budget objectives.
  • Participates in the interview process for both internal and external positions. Makes recommendations for hiring. May assist with coaching, counseling or termination of employees
  • Participates in Value Analysis team to support department and organization cost savings initiatives. Endeavors to meet annual department VAT goals.
  • Participates in vendor negotiations for supplies and equipment as well as contract review and development.
  • Collaborates with ancillary departments to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Acts as Liaison to TJC, CMS, CDPH, and other licensing and regulatory agencies as appropriate.
  • Assists the Director/Administrator in the preparation of the annual budget, monitors allocation of funds within budgetary limitations, and prepares the monthly budget variation report for the review and approval of the department Director/Administrator and Senior Management.

Department Specific Competencies


High School Diploma/GED or Higher EducationGeneral Studies
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Number of Years ExperienceType of Experience
5Mgmt/Supv experience in Facilities, Building Maintenance or Engineering
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License / Certification Requirements