Nursing 63800 - Mother Baby Full-Time Nights 12 Hour 7p-7:30a


The Staff RN uses the nursing process to deliver nursing care to a given patient care population as it relates to the care setting. Nursing care is based on the interpretation and execution of the medical and nursing plan of treatment utilizing established procedures standards and protocols of individuals within the assigned work shift. The Staff RN provides nursing care to the population served in the unit.

Core Competencies

Adheres to infection prevention guidelines
Adheres to policies, procedures, and standards of practice to deliver safe and optimal care
Assesses patient history, physiological, and psychosocial status
Communicates with the patient, family, medical staff and others during the continuum of care
Complies with Joint Commission’s national patient safety goals
Complies with organizational quality dashboard/benchmarking goals
Interprets common variables affecting patient care and follows reporting process
Maintains regulatory compliance consistent with quality standards and ethical obligations of the profession
Participates in activities in alignment with the Magnet Model
Participates in organizational activities
Participates in Peer Review
Participates in professional development activities
Performs as a preceptor in an active and engaged manner
Provides age-specific individualized care that supports protection from harm and complies with patient safety centered interventions/bundles
Provides patient and family education throughout the care of patient
Uses critical thinking to formulate and carry out a care plan according to patient needs
Utilizes resources in an economical manner
Utilizes safe administration of medications
Utilizes Safe Patient Handling

Department Specific Competencies

Plans patient care in collaboration with the assigned Mother/Baby Nurse: Identifies breastfeeding problems, both real and potential Formulates desired outcomes in measurable terms that are specific and consistently communicated with other health care team members Communicates breastfeeding assessment and plan of care with bedside nurse to promote continuity Develops breastfeeding teaching plans for mothers/families.
Maintains competency in breastfeeding and Post Partum Depression Modules

Provides expertise in development of policies and procedures related to care of breastfeeding mothers and infants: Assists mothers with proper positioning for breastfeeding.
Provides support and teaching for breastfeeding mothers.

Appropriately documents breastfeeding assessments and interventions in the medical record.
Develops and maintains an inpatient environment supportive of breastfeeding.
Provides support and teaching for breastfeeding mothers.

Bleeding Reduction: Postpartum Uterus-Limits the amount of blood loss from the postpartum uterus. (SERVICE/ KNOWLEDGE/ STABILITY)
Controls bleeding with medications as ordered and monitors its effects.
Prepares and supports a patient delivering a baby via cesarean section.
High Risk Pregnancy Care- Identifies and manages a high-risk pregnancy to promote healthy outcomes for mother and baby. (SERVICE, KNOWLEDGE, EXCELLENCE)
Infant Care, Preschooler care, school age care and adolescent care: Provide appropriate family centered care. (SERVICE/EXCELLENCE/EDUCATION)
Provides comprehensive care of the mother/infant dyad

Infant Security - Management of the environment to promote infant security/safety including monitoring of the environment and parental education. (SERVICE/STABILITY/EXCELLENCE)
Assess mothers learning needs and provides newborn and post partum teaching utilizing the patient teaching folder. Documents ongoing patient teaching.

Assists in transporting patients to appropriate departments post operatively and post procedure.
Neonate-administers emergency measures to support newborn adaptation to extra uterine life
Demonstrates ability to identify safety issues for neonate, infant, child, adolescent, adult and geriatric patient. Issues include utilizing appropriate crib, youth bed, bed and side rails when necessary. Appropriate selection of diversional activity (toy, TN, video games) is implemented utilizing developmental assessments.

Manages neonate during the transition to extra uterine life and subsequent period of stabilization.
Childbearing Family-identifies an individual or family likely to experience difficulties in parenting and prioritization of strategies to prevent parenting problems
Assists in the care of neonatal patients, and in the care of pediatric patients requiring CMV, per Departmental policies.
Provides immunization for the prevention of communicable diseases
Provides vaccine to targeted population and monitor immunization status of patients.
Discusses immunization history with parents and provides resources.
Administer immunizations and injections as directed by a physician.
Gives immunizations as required per protocol.
Infant Care- provides developmentally appropriate family-centered care to the child under 1 year of age
Provides parenting information, support and coordination of comprehensive services to high-risk families
Prepares another to perform the role of a parent
Childrearing Family Assisting Parents to understand, and promote the physical, psychological and social growth and development of their children
Educates parent.
Keeps harmful objects put away, instructs parent on safety, car seat laws etc.
Helps decrease patient and parent anxiety.
Assists family members in providing normal life experiences for their families
Provides the necessary information, advocacy and support to facilitate primary patient care by someone other than the healthcare professional
Manipulates the patients surroundings to facilitate the development of the parent-infant relationship
Facilitates the growth of individuals or families who are adding an infant to the family unit
Contraception-promotes family values, interests and goals
Assists with the resolution of a significant loss
Critical Path Development-Constructs and uses a timed sequence of patient care activities to enhance desired patient outcomes in a cost effective manner
Prepares bottle and administers fluids to an infant via a bottle
Hypothermia treatment-rewarms and conducts surveillance on a patient whose core body temperature is below 35 degrees Celsius


College DiplomaNursing
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Number of Years ExperienceType of Experience
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License / Certification Requirements

Registered Nurse License
BCLS or ACLS Certification
ACLS Certification
NRP certification
OB ACLS within 6 mos of hire