Nurse Attendant - Operating Room PT Days

Nursing 74200 - Operating Room Part-Time Days 8 Hour 0600


Nurse Attendant works cooperatively with all team members in planning and performing basic care. Nurse Attendant supports patient care delivery and is responsible for adhering to all standards of care and for promoting teamwork among coworkers.

Core Competencies

  • Address basic human needs in a respectful and caring manner, and documents interventions in EMR
  • Adheres to Infection prevention
  • Adheres to policies, procedures, and standards of practice to deliver safe and optimal care
  • Communicates effectively with the patient, family, and medical staff during the continuum of care
  • Complies with Joint Commission’s national patient safety goals
  • Complies with organizational quality dashboard/benchmarking goals
  • Establishes priorities to carry out an established care plan according to patient needs
  • Identifies common variables affecting patient care and follows reporting process
  • Maintains cooperative working relationships with members of the hospital team
  • Maintains regulatory compliance consistent with quality standards and ethical obligations of the profession
  • Participates in activities in alignment with the Magnet Model
  • Participates in organizational activities
  • Participates in professional development activities
  • Performs as a preceptor in an active and engaged manner
  • Provides care within scope of practice as directed by other members of the healthcare team
  • Re-enforces patient and family education under the direction of the RN throughout hospitalization
  • Reinforces age-specific individualized care that supports protection from harm and complies with patient safety centered interventions/bundles
  • Supports patient care within scope of a practice as directed by other
    members of the healthcare team
  • Utilizes resources in an economical manner
  • Utilizes Safe Patient Handling

Department Specific Competencies

  • Maintains rigid adherence to aseptic technique.
  • Changes autoclaves graph records daily, maintains old graphs, and reports to the Lead Nurse any abnormal recordings on the graph at once.
  • Tests autoclaves daily for function, maintains a record of the tests using Surgical Check-a-Clave form.
  • Tests autoclaves weekly with Surgispore tester and documents results.
  • Cleans and restocks pass-through windows as needed, throughout the day.
  • Assists with opening of cases under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse.
  • Maintains up to date log on hall cleaning, autoclave cleaning, and operating room temperature and humidity.
  • Assists with transportation of patients into the Operating Room and Post Anesthesia Care Unit.
  • Stocks scrub sinks with soap, brushes, nail cleaners, and masks.
  • Assists with positioning of the patient and surgical prep under direct supervision of a Registered Nurse.
  • Stocks fluids with appropriate expiration date added to bottle to ensure safe and appropriate use. Maintains warmers and reports if warmer temperatures are outside documented required range.
  • Transfers recovery room beds to specific operating rooms for patient transport.
  • Catheterizes male patients in the Operating Room and Post Anesthesia Care Unit when necessary and under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse.
  • Shave preps patients in pre-op holding areas as requested by the physician.
  • Transfers all Operating Room equipment for use in the appropriate operating room.
  • Positions the proper case cart for the correct operating room prior to the beginning of the surgical procedure.
  • Replaces hall back-up carts with empty carts upon arrival from Central Services.
  • Provides patient comfort and safety.
  • Adheres to infection control guidelines and Universal Precautions.
  • Relates patient/family questions to RN.
  • Maintains confidentiality and uses discretion when discussing patient information.
  • Answers pages from the staff promptly and courteously.
  • Orients new Nursing Attendants to Surgical Services, equipment, and routines.
  • Assists other team members meet the needs of patients.
  • Reads all posted minutes and memos.


High School Diploma/GED or Higher EducationGeneral Studies
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Number of Years ExperienceType of Experience
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License / Certification Requirements

BCLS or ACLS Certification