Staff RN - Emergency Department FT Nights

Nursing 70100 - Emergency Department Full-Time Nights 12 Hour 1900


$5,000 Sign-On Bonus

The Staff RN uses the nursing process to deliver nursing care to a given patient care population as it relates to the care setting. Nursing care is based on the interpretation and execution of the medical and nursing plan of treatment utilizing established procedures standards and protocols of individuals within the assigned work shift. The Staff RN provides nursing care to the population served in the unit.


Core Competencies

Adheres to infection prevention guidelines
Adheres to policies, procedures, and standards of practice to deliver safe and optimal care
Assesses patient history, physiological, and psychosocial status
Communicates with the patient, family, medical staff and others during the continuum of care
Complies with Joint Commission’s national patient safety goals
Complies with organizational quality dashboard/benchmarking goals
Interprets common variables affecting patient care and follows reporting process
Maintains regulatory compliance consistent with quality standards and ethical obligations of the profession
Participates in activities in alignment with the Magnet Model
Participates in organizational activities
Participates in Peer Review
Participates in professional development activities
Performs as a preceptor in an active and engaged manner
Provides age-specific individualized care that supports protection from harm and complies with patient safety centered interventions/bundles
Provides patient and family education throughout the care of patient
Uses critical thinking to formulate and carry out a care plan according to patient needs
Utilizes resources in an economical manner
Utilizes safe administration of medications
Utilizes Safe Patient Handling

Department Specific Competencies

Complies with all ED standards of care as outlined in policy and procedure numbers ER-D-03: Emergency Department - Guidelines for Care, and ER-D-04: Care for Pediatric Patients in the Emergency Department.
Establishes priorities of patient care for treatment in accordance with policy and procedure #ER-E-50: Emergency Department Triage.
Performs accurate 1-5 (Emergency Severity Index) Triage assessment based on patient presentations

Electrolyte Monitoring, Acid-Base Monitoring and Fluid Monitoring. Collects and analyses the patient data to regulate fluid and electrolyte balance. Intervenes appropriately to correct imbalances. ((KNOWLEDGE/SERVICE)
Bleeding: Intervention - Applies pressure to bleeding/potential bleeding areas to limit blood loss from a wound that may be the result of trauma, incisions, or placements of tubes or catheters. (Stability/Service)
Artificial Airway Management - Maintains ET and Trach tubes and prevents complications associated with their use (Service/Knowledge/Stability).
Manages adjunctive airway devices effectively, including assisting with intubations. Suctions airway passages effectively and manages use of mechanical ventilation to ensure adequate gas exchange.
Obtains a 12 Lead EKG within 10 minutes of presentation for all patients with a chief complaint of chest pain and presents EKG to Attending MD for signature and evaluations.

Acts to reduce complications for patients experiencing chest pain suggestive of myocardial ischemia.
Acts to re-establish and maintain hemodynamic stability in patients experiencing hypovolemic, septic or cardiogenic shock.
Orthopedic Management: Cares for patients with musculoskeletal injuries, including use of immobilization and ambulatory assistive devices.
Pediatric patient- Identifies norms for vital signs and fluid management for size of child.
Identifies cognitive and psychosocial growth and development stages for infants through adolescent.
Implements interventions that support developmental stage for pediatric patient e.g doesnt give choices to young child when there are none, involves adolescent in decision making.
Manages the care of patients experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis with emphasis upon safety to the patient, self and others in the environment.
Identifies and provides care for victims of abuse, neglect or domestic violence.
Demonstrates ability to recognize the signs of physical and/or emotional abuse or neglect to help identify victims. Follows appropriate policy and procedures for reporting of abuse.

Ensures safety of infant and child.
Interviews adolescent privately to assess high risk behaviors e.g illicit drug use, sexual activity.
Discusses California Car seat safety law
Reports law enforcement and reportable cases to the appropriate agencies as required by policy and procedure #ER-E-32: Law Enforcement and Reportable Cases.
Ensures that all transfers of patients from the Emergency Department comply with all state and federal laws and JCAHO standards, per policy and procedure #ER-E-49: Transfer of Adult and Pediatric Patients.
Discusses immunization history with parents and provides resources.
Allows time for parents/caregiver to ask questions.
Attends 16 hours of BRN approved pediatric education every 4 years.


College DiplomaNursing
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Number of Years ExperienceType of Experience
1RN experience
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License / Certification Requirements

Registered Nurse License
BCLS or ACLS Certification from the Amercian Heart Association
ACLS Certification from the American Heart Association
PALS Certification.
NIHSS Stroke Certification