Imaging 76300 - Radiology Diagnostic Full-Time Varies 8 Hour


The Imaging Services Educator assesses, develops, orientates, maintains/enhances staff competency, coordinates and administers education for the Imaging Services Departments. Disseminates Imaging related education for ancillary and nursing departments in the Medical Center and the community it serves. Provides and oversees education programs within the Imaging Services Departments and delivers best practice patient care under Imaging Services Leadership.

Core Competencies

Performs imaging procedures for all age ranges served in the area of expertise.
Maintains department compliance related to staff education adhering to all Regulatory Compliance Agencies, i.e.: JCH, CDPH, DHS.
Develops and maintains standards of clinical practice incorporating professional organization standards, i.e.: ACR, ASRT, ARRT, ARDMS and evidence-based best practices.
Completes an annual education needs assessment.
Develops annual education plans for the department's development. Assesses and amends competencies to correct behavior based upon trends and changes in protocols impacting patient care.
Develops and implements continuing education opportunities, establishes a monthly calendar to meet the needs of the department, and maintains in-service attendance records.
Develops and coordinates orientation process for all new hires and for current employees who are being cross-trained and/or expanding their roles within the department.
Monitors the progress of new employees and notifies the manager of any problems or failure to progress through orientation.
Ensures completion of all orientation documentation at the end of the orientation period and provides it to the department manager for their employee files
Maintains all records for orientation, competency, new applications and procedures sign-off.
Provides Imaging related educational opportunities and in-services to nursing and ancillary departments as needed and/or requested.
Evaluates the effectiveness of new procedures and equipment and makes recommendations to the department leadership.
Coordinates clinical rotations for Radiology and Imaging students. Maintains all student records.
Reviews and updates Department Policy and Procedure manuals annually including change recommendations in response to evidence-based practice.
Assesses documentation of care according to specific guidelines thereby promoting consistency in methodology and validity of the resulting data.
Works collaboratively with the clinical managers and staff to promote cooperation and understanding of the data collection process and develops immediate strategies for compliance
Establishes and manages a department educational library of reference materials.
Observes and follows all Department and Hospital Policy and Procedures as they relate to the position.
Participates and provides leadership in committees, councils, lean projects, and process improvement task forces.
Initiates and facilitates lean projects for efficient workflow, new methodology, patient/employee experience, patient safety, and process improvement
Participates and provides leadership in the evaluation and implementation of the new technologies
Assists in the development of communication tools which promote understanding of the benchmark reports and how the data applies to each discipline’s practice; therefore promoting ownership of the outcomes and improvements needed.

Department Specific Competencies

Assumes responsibility for annual education requirements and needs for the employees of the Radiology department.
Acts as the liaison between the Radiology Department and Clinical Education, Clinical Applications, Information Systems and Nursing Departments.
Acts as administrator for Radiology related applications.
Creates training programs for employees, computer/equipment acquisitions and new technology related applications.
Writes and updates departmental policies and procedures. Educates staff on policy and maintains records of such sign-off.
Assists in researching and acts as a resource for policy writing; to meet regulatory requirements and evidence-based practice.
Adheres to all department regulatory accreditation agencies: JCH, ACR, CDPH, DHS and their compliance.
Creates and updates job descriptions and competencies.
Creates and distributes analytics for the department as needed and/or requested.
Collaborates with the IT Clinical Applications group and the IT infrastructure teams to develop project charters, timelines and implementation plans for all clinical technology initiatives.
Provides technical support and education to all clinical staff.
Modifies terminology based on the patient's age, clinical condition, patient/family communications and/or culture when communicating with patients and/or family members.
Uses Lean methodologies to identify and improve department operations.


Additional Information


Number of Years ExperienceType of Experience
5as licensed Imaging Technologist and/or equivalency
5experience in multiple Radiology disciplines
Additional Information

License / Certification Requirements

BCLS or ACLS Certification from the American Heart Association
ARRT License and/or CNMT, or ARDMS