Certified Pharmacy Tech - Per Diem Varies

Pharmacy 77100 - Pharmacy Per Diem Varies 8 Hour Per Diem


Under the direct supervision of the Pharmacy Technician Supervisor and all Registered Pharmacists and according to standard procedures, prepares and delivers medications, pharmaceutical supplies and parenteral products.

Core Competencies

  • Selects, labels appropriately, and processes all medication requests including requests for floor stock. Assures that all prepared medication requests are checked by a pharmacist before delivery.
  • Compounds preparations, completing all required documentation.
  • Completes large volume parenteral and IVPB rounds.
  • Uses aseptic techniques to prepare, check and deliver; IVPBs, large volume IV solutions, irrigation solutions, PNs adult, PNs neonatal, and cardioplegia solutions.
  • Operates and documents all use of unit dose machine.
  • Completes all associated paperwork, billing and charging.
  • Fills prescriptions in a timely manner in accordance with State and Federal laws and regulations.
  • Operates cash register and credit card machine.
  • Generates and fills automated dispensing machine (Omnicell) re-stock lists.
  • Prepares paperwork, selects correct product and completes all processes for dispensing of all Controlled Substances. Delivers finished product.
  • Maintains floor stock replacement list, replenishes floor stock as needed.
  • Receives, stocks/shelves accurately returned medications, orders from manufacturers, wholesaler and warehouse.
  • Answers telephone promptly, identifies self and job title, speaks clearly, takes/gives concise directions/messages.
  • Provides health care services in own job description for Neonates, Pediatrics, Adolescents, Adults and Geriatrics.
  • Uses proper technique to make Neonatal/Pediatric syringes both injectable and oral.
  • Completes assigned monthly pharmacy check for outdates.
  • Fills and delivers cassettes.
  • Uses time and resources effectively.
  • Delivers medications promptly, uses barcode scanning where enabled.
  • Prepares and handles hazardous drugs, including chemotherapeutics, and uses protective equipment and materials to avoid contact with agent.

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License / Certification Requirements

Pharmacy Technician License issued by the CA Board of Pharmacy