Senior UX Designer

Operations/Product Support San Jose, California (Req. #4309)


What it takes to be a Xperi Senior UX Designer
Xperi has a mature design language but we are constantly innovating. It means we need designers that are happy designing new features and functionality within a given framework, and when necessary, can expand that design language to different mediums and technologies. You should be good at:

  • Understanding the complex systems, processes, and relationships of people and products
  • Solving problems creatively – both design problems and daily workday issues
  • Articulating and synthesizing the overall experience people have with a product or feature
  • Defining the problem, clarifying the solution and explicating rationale
  • Presenting your work before a room of stakeholders and developers
  • Helping people around you think more clearly

We want candidates with significant user-interface design experience, but we’re flexible and value talent and passion over specific experience. Senior designers generally have 7+ years experience and are expected to solve more complex problems. Also, you:

  • Have an innate desire to understand how things work
  • Are a compulsive-problem solver with an almost obsessive attention to detail
  • Have strong writing skills, whether you're persuading people of a point or explaining how something works
  • Are an organized thinker who helps others be effective and efficient
  • Have a proven track record in your area of expertise
  • Understand (within reason) the underlying technical issues
  • Are confident, self-directed and like to challenge yourself

What Xperi UX Designers do

  • Plan with Product Management to define feature/product requirements
  • Create and iterate UI designs – typically using Photoshop/Illustrator & PowerPoint
  • Work with Visual Designers and Prototypers to create mockups & functional prototypes
  • Partner with User Research to test and refine your designs
  • Write, maintain, and explain detailed written specifications
  • Team up with Customer Support to understand customer issues
Shepherd your design through implementation and testing