Event & sponsorships senior specialist

Brand & Marketing Riyadh, SA


Strategic Responsibilities:

▪ Contribute to the identification of opportunities which support continuous improvement, increase productivity, efficiency, and cost reduction.
▪ Prepare timely and accurate statements and reports as required to meet operational needs, business requirements, policies, and standards.
▪ Foster a spirt of cooperation and willingness to go the ‘extra distance’ by helping others achieve THIQAH’s objectives even when it is not your direct responsibly
▪ Adhere to related internal controls for THIQAH group including; SLAs and OLAs to comply with the approved policies & procedures.

Functional Responsibilities:

▪ Participate in the development and implementation of strategies for the events and sponsorship activities.
▪ Plan and coordinate promotional events or activities for THIQAH group to ensure they are effectively organized for that particular activities.
▪ Support and evaluate the potential sponsorship opportunities to serve the overall THIQAH group objectives.
▪ Plan and effectively manage all on-ground activities and productions related to all products launches to maximize the expected returns.
▪ Ensure strong and consistent brand message across all channels and marketing efforts on events and on-ground activations.
▪ Assist in the identification and selection of event management agencies in coordination with relevant stakeholders to ensure efficiency and professionalism in management of THIQAH events.
▪ Monitor the development of events roadmap and enforce partnerships with external parties to organize exhibitions and events to showcase and publicize THIQAH products and services.
▪ Ensure coordination with event management agencies to define goals and objectives for events to launch and promote THIQAH’s products and services.
▪ Ensure that events and exhibitions are organized and delivered on time and within budget and that they meet quality standards to exceed stakeholder expectations.
▪ Assist the internal communication activities including awareness messages to the employees to ensure best-in-class employee experience.

Other tasks:

▪ Perform other related duties and tasks as directed.

Qualifications & Experience:

▪ Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or Marketing or a closely related field, masters preferred.
▪ +3 years' experience in a similar field.