Technical Artist

Art Lindon, Utah



We live in an age where endless entertainment options exist at our fingertips, yet we still have a real need to get out of the house and share new experiences with our friends and family. At THE VOID you will walk into new dimensions and experience worlds without limits. From fighting intergalactic wars on alien planets, to casting spells in the darkest of dungeons, THE VOID presents the Future of Entertainment. Only limited by imagination, our advanced Virtual-Reality technologies allow you to see, move, and feel our digital worlds in a completely immersive and realistic way. Our VOID Entertainment Centers (VECs) are coming to major cities throughout North and South America, Asia, Europe and Australia. More than watching a movie or playing a game … in THE VOID you will live an adventure.


THE VOID is a fast growing company, and we need talented Technical Artists to lead us to success as we charter our path to the future. This person will join our Tech Art team in helping diagnose and fix problems with content, pipeline tools, and frame rate. The ideal candidate is someone who is organized, creative, motivated, and flexible. Help us build the future of THE VOID!

  • Work with other artists to optimize assets for performance
  • Understand the limits dictated by programming staff or project leads.
  • Develop and implement new ideas/technologies/solutions, seeing them to completion.
  • Commitment to making art data production as simple and effective for general artists to create over the entire length of a project.
  • Be meticulous and organized in the approach to the tasks, files and storage of the material.
  • Be technically savvy with a track record of strong problem solving skills
  • Excellent understanding of the inner workings of the asset export pipeline.
  • Have the forward-thinking ability to research new industry developments and art techniques for future projects and share with the team
  • When needed, assist in tasks such as scripting, modeling, texturing, implementing assets, creating vfx, writing shaders, and lighting
  • Collaborate with Designers, Programmers, and other members of the art team
  • Be meticulous and organized in the approach to tasks, adhering to pipeline workflow
  • Participate in the critiquing of your work and the work of others
  • Work with other artists to optimize assets for performance
  • Understand the limits dictated by programming staff or project leads 


  • 4+ years of experience in technical art, preferably in a game or digital entertainment environment
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in related field preferred
  • Experience with Maya and/or Studio Max is required
  • Scripting or programming experience is strongly preferred
  • Experience with Unity3D is strongly preferred
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to familiarize with programs, technical concepts, ideas and problems quickly
  • Ability to work within boundaries to creatively solve art issues.
  • Strong knowledge of emerging industry standard tools, workflows, and techniques including physically-based rendering
  • Experience in prototyping and working closely with multi-disciplinary teams consisting of technical artists, artists, and engineers