Director, Audience Architect/Segmentation

Insights & Data Strategy Boston, Massachusetts


Position at Havas Media

Havas Media’s Mx (Media Experience) System for media planning is underpinned by human and cultural insight, to deliver meaningful media experiences for brands in an age of ad overload, ad avoidance, and ad blocking.

The Audience Architect (Director) is responsible for ensuring the integrity and fidelity of the Mx audience, starting with defining the Growth Target and developing audiences for Mx activations and measurement.  The role requires cross-functional collaboration and a strong understanding of consumer and market research, the ability to analyze and synthesize ID and non-ID based data, as well as familiarity with cross-channel media planning.

Main Responsibilities
Work with Havas Media’s clients and prospective clients to identify growth targets, leverage appropriate data sources to understand those targets, and support designing an audience-centric approach to media planning.

  • Extract actionable human insight from a range of proprietary and partner resources, including Havas Media’s identity-based addressable audience platform, Converged, as well as syndicated survey data, social listening, and primary research
  • Support advanced segmentation projects, advising on attributes that can be used to define and buy audiences
  • Collaborate with other insights and strategy professionals to identify high-potential audiences for future growth, while maximizing return on current customers
  • With Planners and Buyers, segment audiences for extracting insights and for optimizing media and messaging across both digital and non-digital channels
  • With Analytics, develop audience insight roadmaps to learn from media activations and refine the growth target
  • As a leader, train and coach junior team members as they develop analytical skills and identify actionable insights

Key Competencies (Qualifications/Experience)

  • 6+ years in media agency, marketing research, or media/advertising technology fields
  • Bachelors’ degree or higher in advertising, marketing, statistics or related field
  • Experience with a range of methodological approaches for consumer, media and brand insights
  • Experience data mining, analysis and segmentation using a range of first second, and third-party consumer datasets
  • Experience working with ID-based and non-ID based data
  • Technical proficiency in Excel, PowerPoint/Keynote, Tableau and SQL