Universal Support Partner (PRN)

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Job Title:

Universal Support Partner



Job Description

Company Philosophy

Arrow Senior Living Management wants every person who chooses to join our team to understand that they play a very important part in a much larger story of residents’ lives. It is our hope that Arrow team members create joy-filled memories with this respected generation. And because there is no greater gift that someone can give than their time, we thank you for your generosity.


  • Present a professional demeanor that communicates a corporate philosophy of service, goodwill, and genuine interest in each resident’s needs;
  • Provide exceptional customer service.
  • Assist each department with tasks as needed, including, but not limited to:
    • Assisting with food service, including room delivery
    • Provide assistance with computer-based questions, such as setting up online video calls from resident apartments
    • Cleaning and sanitizing commons areas, offices, and resident apartments, as well as other required community areas per infection control guidelines
    • Assisting front desk with screening of visitors to ensure resident and employee safety
    • Assist Administration department with any assigned administrative tasks
    • Assist residents with non-care related tasks.


1)     Must understand that residents are people, just like you.

2)     Must work well with others and want to be a part of a team.

3)     Possesses clear verbal and written communication skills.

4)     Professional in appearance and conduct.

5)     Must be criminally cleared.

6)     Be in good health and physically and mentally capable of performing assigned tasks. Good physical health and free from tuberculosis. Must have a health screening performed by a physician not more than thirty (30) days prior to or seven (7) days following employment.

7)     Must have dependable transportation and be able to work varying hours as needed.


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