Driver On Call

Operations - Hourly Coraopolis (Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania








Title:Shuttle Driver


Reports to:General Manager / Assistant Manager / Supervisor


Company:TPS Parking Management, LLC

Position Summary:

Responsible for providing prompt, safe, and courteous transportation of customers between the parking facility and the airport.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Greets each customer with a smile, offering to assist with their luggage
  • Provides quick and pleasant customer service and satisfaction
  • Assists any special-needs customers, such as physically challenged customers
  • Follows all established procedures for Shuttle Drivers, including pre-trip inspections, designated routes based upon customer demand, accurate record-keeping, and regular, effective radio communication
  • Maintains accurate familiarity with the airport terminals and general area in order to answer questions and provide helpful information to our customers
  • Maintains a clean, pleasant, and calm environment inside the shuttle (including but not limited to, windows rolled up, company approved audio/video playing, interior lights on, no air freshener spraying, no items on the dashboard, and no food on shuttle)
  • Cooperates with all team members to provide the best possible service to all internal and external customers
  • Complies with all applicable Federal, State, and Local regulations and requirements governing operation of commercial vehicles
  • Performs additional duties as reasonably requested by Management, especially during downtimes
  • Keeps all areas of shuttle clean (including shuttle interior and windows)
  • Complies with all uniform and appearance guidelines
  • Follows all company policies and procedures as set forth in the Employee Handbook and Gold Standards


Knowledge, Skills, & Experience Required:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • High school education or equivalent
  • Previous driver and/or customer service experience
  • Good driving record
  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds
  • Successful completion of Shuttle Driver Training Module
  • Currently holds, or is able to obtain, all applicable licenses or badges as required by governing authorities to operate a commercial vehicle, including a valid driver’s license, and CDL where required
  • Must be willing to take a physical and pass as part of the selection process as required by airport, federal DOT and/ or state regulations
  • Can read and speak the English language sufficiently to converse with the general public, to understand highway traffic signs and signals in the English language, to respond to official inquiries, and to make entries on reports and records in compliance with the DOT regulations that require these skills
  • A solid employment record and previous customer service experience preferred
  • Ability to promptly follow directions from management and co-workers
  • Must be able to maintain a smile and courteous disposition toward external and internal customers
  • Commitment to co-worker, customer, and vehicle safety


Employee Name (Printed): __________________________     Date: ______________


Employee Signature: _______________________________


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  • Always work as a team
  • Respect your co-workers and managers
  • Think positively and strive to achieve excellence
  • Come to work with a positive attitude and sunny disposition, ready to help
  • Be responsible and always give 110%
  • Be honest, have integrity, and remain loyal
  • Go out of your way to make guests and co-workers feel special
  • SMILE when a guest is within 10 feet of you; warmly greet a guest who is within 5 feet of you
  • Accurately guide/inform guests on anything they may be unsure of, such as Spot Club, local attractions, and directions
  • Maintain a professional appearance at all times
  • Ensure your uniform is clean and crisp with your name tag visible
    1. Always wear your company issued uniform
    2. Always wear black or khaki pants or shorts
    3. Always wear clean black or white athletic shoes or black work shoes
    4. Keep your uniform free of accessories
    5. Females may wear two earrings in each ear (no dangles, no large hoops); men may wear one stud in one ear
    6. No visible profane tattoos
  • Maintain a clean, clutter-free shuttle, with your name plate displayed and all components in full-working order at all times
    1. Always complete a pre-trip inspection prior to driving
    2. Always report non-working components to your manager
    3. Always take care of personal needs before you board the shuttle
  • Always wear company-issued headset, an approved Bluetooth headset, or wired earpiece
  • Warmly greet and welcome every guest on to your shuttle at the door or right outside the shuttle
    1. Offer each guest a Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening as they arrive
    2. Offer a farewell greeting as they depart
  • Always offer to assist customers with their luggage
  • Ensure every guest is provided with a neatly written locator slip (where applicable)
  • Think green! Save fuel and always turn your shuttles off while holding (No Idling Policy)
  • Safety! Safety! Safety!  Comply with all traffic laws at all times while operating our shuttles and any vehicles
    1. All traffic laws should be followed when driving any vehicles
    2. Safety for you and our guests is our number one priority
  • Work as a cohesive team by communicating with the dispatcher and following his/her guidance
  • Sincerely thank every guest for parking with us and tell them we value their business



In addition to the job description, I have read and understand the above Gold Standards that are an expectation of my employment at The Parking Spot.


Employee Name (Printed): __________________________     Date: ______________


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Updated: April 2017