Senior C# .Net Core Developer

Engineering Paris, France Paris, France Lyon, France


Your Role:

To support the development of its game-changing technology, Tenable is looking for an experienced C# developer familiar with .NET Core and having a craving for data-intensive and real-time application. Tenable’s core mission is to provide a versatile and cloud-oriented cyberattacks detection platform to help major companies secure their core information systems. As part as this position, you will join Tenable’s senior C# development team (10 years+) in charge of implementing the security engine empowering Tenable products.

Following a pair programming approach, you will also work side-by-side with Tenable’s cybersecurity team to implement new attack detection algorithms aiming to uncover targeted cyberattack on large scale infrastructure. By joining us, you will have the opportunity to bring security applications to the next level in a fast-paced, agile, and exciting environment. No knowledge of cybersecurity is required! You will in a integrate a deep-tech development team of more than 20 persons eager to share their knowledge about cybersecurity and complex software design.

Your Opportunity:

You will join Tenable’s C# squad in charge of the company’s flagship products development. Your day-to-day work will be focusing on implementing the core security framework of the company. Your daily missions will include:

  • Implement Tenable’s core security framework capabilities using our technological stack (.NET Core/C#)
  • Managing performance of a real-time micro-services connected to a message broker (RabbitMQ)
  • Design modern attack detection algorithms by working jointly with Tenable’s security team
  • Develop test-driven components able to perform in a large-scale continuous integration workflow
  • Contribute daily to all parts of our application’s code base, using our SCRUM-based development workflow
  • Tackle a wide variety of technical problems

What you'll need:

  • 5+ years in .NET or C# development with strong production experience
  • Experience in .NET Core 3.X
  • Fluent with professional development and tooling (Gitflow, Github, Azure DevOps, etc.)
  • Willing to operate day-to-day in a test-driven environment using unit and functional tests
  • Have a general knowledge of complex algorithm challenges (such as memory optimization, run time management, multithreading approach, design patterns, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge on system development (mainly Windows)
  • Versatile developer eager to work with modern and sometimes bleeding-edge technologies
  • Ability to rank and manage multiple and conflicting priorities with tight deadlines
  • Fluent English speaking

And ideally:

  • Experienced with big data or real-time application
  • Great knowledge about Computer Science fundamentals
  • Experienced in typed language paradigm
  • Knowledge of our tech stack: C++, Node, .NET, RabbitMQ, MS SQL, GraphQL, ReactJS

If you’ve reached this point in the job description and feel you’re still not sure if you should apply…Just do it! We know there are no perfect applicants. You may not have 100% of all those bullets listed above - and that’s okay. If you’re feeling like you’re not going to fit in with our teams - that’s not ok. We're One Tenable which means however you identify and whatever background you bring with you, we encourage you to submit an application if it’s a role you can be passionate about doing every day.

We’re committed to promoting Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) at Tenable - through all equal employment opportunity laws and regulations at the international, federal, state and local levels.