Windows Systems Engineer - Automation and Optimization Expert

Engineering Paris, France


Who is Tenable?

Tenable® is the Exposure Management company. 40,000 organizations around the globe rely on Tenable to understand and reduce cyber risk. Our global employees support 60 percent of the Fortune 500, 40 percent of the Global 2000, and large government agencies. Come be part of our journey! 

What makes Tenable such a great place to work? 

Ask a member of our team and they’ll answer, “Our people!” We work together to build and innovate best-in-class cybersecurity solutions for our customers; all while creating a culture of belonging, respect, and excellence where we can be our best selves. When you’re part of our #OneTenable team, you can expect to partner with some of the most talented and passionate people in the industry, and have the support and resources you need to do work that truly matters. We deliver results that exceed expectations and we win together!

Your Opportunity:

At Tenable, our mission is to help businesses stay safe, by detecting security vulnerabilities early and help our customers manage risk and prioritize resolution efforts.

The product:

Cybersecurity: Evolve in a fascinating environment where business experts are also Engineers. Do something good by defending businesses around the world. Learn daily about new attack patterns and software vulnerabilities.

Identity: The product you’ll work on revolves around Identity management, allowing security teams to understand who has permissions on what throughout SAAS and IAAS applications.

Innovation: Our product is at the cutting edge of technology, implementing the most innovative cybersecurity techniques in vulnerability assessment, entitlement visualization and standards compliance tracking and much more

Technical context:

Modern technical stack: Terraform, AWS, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Helm, Kotlin, Typescript, ReactJS, Snowflakes, Elastic Search, Kafka, Python…

Tests automation: Component and end to end tests run in our deployment pipelines ensuring for an always working software.

Service Architecture: Our architecture is made of several services that communicates through HTTP APIs and Apache Kafka

Modern DevOps tooling: We build containers with Docker, run them in Kubernetes. We use Jenkins for our build pipelines and deploy automatically to QA environments and production. And all of this is living inside AWS, with the help of Terraform

Continuous deployment: We work on a quick release cycle and strive at delivering  short batches of innovation.

Data centric: Monitoring customer’s permission infrastructure, we collect a lot of data  to conduct complex security analysis. For us, complexity often revolves around handling this data, from collection to presentation and prioritization.

The team:

Cross-functional: You will work with a team composed of 8 developers and QA Automation engineers

Customer centric: Delivering new innovative features often is at the heart of our strategy. Development teams are working closely with the Product Owner and UX Designer to ensure we prioritize well and put our efforts in the features that matters for our customers.

Mature: hundreds of engineers are working on Tenable security products. Among them several have 10+ years experience in their domain. There will be plenty of opportunities to learn and share with your new teammates.

Full stack: The team is composed of engineers of all backgrounds. Some are specialized in the Frontend, Backend, Data Engineering, Quality Assurance or DevOps. We acknowledge these specialties, but we welcome all efforts to expand your scope of activity.

Your Role:

Development and Support:

  • Implement GUIs for package installations and code actions related to controls.
  • Ensure MSI installers follow best practices and are secure.
  • Provide level 3 support and mentor level 2 teams in resolving complex issues.

Technical Expertise:

  • Have advanced knowledge of the Windows system, including the latest technologies and updates.
  • Possess a strong understanding of the network layer, including LAN/WAN, proxy, NAT, etc.
  • SSL/TLS certificates is second nature to you.

Security and Automation:

  • Ensure installation packages are free of vulnerabilities and comply with security standards.
  • Be dedicated to automating tasks related to deployment and installation to optimize operations.

What You’ll Need:

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering, or a related field.
  • Proven experience in developing and supporting MSI installers on Windows on-premises environments.
  • In-depth knowledge of the Windows system and associated latest technologies.
  • Expertise in networks (LAN/WAN, proxy, NAT, ...) and SSL/TLS certificates.
  • Ability to code efficiently and solve complex problems related to package installations.
  • Familiarity with best practices in application and system security.
  • Passion for task automation and process optimization.

If you are passionate about process optimization, possess advanced expertise in Windows systems and networks, and are eager to actively contribute to the continuous improvement of our software solutions, we encourage you to apply. Join our team and help ensure the reliability, security, and efficiency of our Windows installation packages. If you’ve reached this point, and you’re still not sure if you should apply…..Just do it! We’re human and we don’t fit a perfect mold. Having diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives, that’s a good thing! If you’re coming from outside of the cyber industry - great! If you’re looking to try something new - awesome! All we ask is you bring passion to all that you do, crave creativity and innovation, and embrace the hard work of gaining new skills and accepting big challenges.

We’re committed to promoting Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) at Tenable - through all equal employment opportunity laws and regulations at the international, federal, state and local levels.