Yards Laborer, Shipping Loader, Dept 700 (R5595)

Supply Chain Management Windom, Minnesota


Position at Prime Pork, LLC

Job Title- Animal/ Livestock handler

Area of Interest- Procurement/ Yards

Position type- Full Time- Hourly    40-50 hours per week


The person in this position:

  • Tattooing animals off truck.
  • Monitor the load for excited, slow, down or non-ambulatory animals
  • Moving livestock from unloading area, to scale and then to the stunning area.
  • Follow Prime Pork’s animal wellbeing and handling polices.



  • Individuals required to stand or walk for entire shift.
  • Ability to withstand higher levels of noise, dust and odors associated with livestock on a daily basics.
  • Physical strength to assist in gently rolling 200- 300 lb. non-ambulatory animals.
  • Good counting/ math skills
  • Ability to read, write and reason
  • Ability to withstand a variety of temperature and climate changes.
  • Good working knowledge of livestock quality and livestock handling. 1+ years’ experience.
  • Education- High school diploma or GED
  • Lifting is minimal but may be frequent. Tattooing hogs and use of animal driving aids.
  • Minimal bending is required depending on the ability to motivate hogs to move with voice and driving aids.
  • Team members required wear Personal Protection equipment.  Hard Hats, steel toe shoe/boats and or hearing protection.


  • TQA certification
  • Ability to differentiate between little and heavy hogs (weight estimation).
  • Captive bolt gun experience
  • Bobcat experience