Production Associate I, Dept. 726 (R5892)

Operations Windom, Minnesota


Position at Prime Pork, LLC

Production Associate I


Prime Pork is seeking Production Associates. Production Associates make up the majority of the kill floor, cut floor, and packaging departments. This is an entry level position, and no experience is required.

Main Responsibilities

  • Assist in plant production by achieving metric goals
  • Prepare hogs for production floor
  • Follow direction from supervisor in regards to product specifications (fat, trim, etc.)
  • Inspect product
  • Wrap, weigh, mark and label processed items for shipment
  • Communicate with production team, trainers, supervisors, and all other levels of management

Minimum Qualifications

  • Ability to follow written and verbal instruction from supervisor(s)
  • Some positions may require the ability to sit, stand, squat, walk, bend, grasp, lift, kneel, climb, crouch, talk, and hear
  • Some positions may require the ability to perform tasks that involve repetitive movement, such as grabbing, cutting, pulling, pinching, bending, twisting, rotating, and other basic maneuvers
  • Ability to stand/work for periods of up to 10 hours
  • Some positions may require the ability to lift up 30 pounds consistently, up to 75 pounds occasionally
  • Ability to work in hot and cold environments (exceeding 100 degrees, as low as 20 degrees)
  • Some positions may require the ability to work around animal blood and/or carcasses
  • Basic Knife skills (if required)
  • Ability to maintain high expectations for self and others, demonstrating a dedication to achievement of results.
  • Ability to pass pre-employment and random drug tests
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be authorized to work in U.S.

At Comfrey Farm Prime Pork, part of the broader Taylor family of companies, we offer an attractive compensation package, including a competitive base salary, and a competitive benefit package including health, dental & vision insurance, 401K plan, PTO (paid time off) and Holiday Pay.

About our Company
Delivering pork that consistently meets the highest standards for flavor, tenderness, texture, color and juiciness means doing what others can’t or won’t do. Comfrey Farm® Prime Pork is a start-up company with the passion and integrity to discriminately select the best quality hogs, including heritage Durocs for their most scrumptious meat characteristics. Along with that we partner with high-integrity family farmers who pledge to raise these amazing animals with the utmost dedication and care. Finally, we wholly own and operate a new, high-tech plant unlike any other in the U.S. to protect the flavor, color and integrity of our meat, and safely provide for our workforce. Our team shares Glen Taylor’s vision for elevating the craft of raising pork the way he remembers it as a child growing up on the family farm in Comfrey, MN. Comfrey Farm™ is proud to be part of the Taylor family, which consists of 80+ companies including the Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Lynx, and Minnesota Star Tribune. If you want to join this fun, new start up, please contact Linda at 507-303-7515 or

Jobs Found under Production Associate I

  • Align bellies ABT
  • Align belly skinner
  • Align for rib puller
  • Align hogs
  • Align loin scale
  • Align loins
  • Bag spare ribs
  • Bagger
  • Belly strip trimmer
  • Blender operator
  • Bone butts
  • Boxers
  • Butt picnic separation
  • Butt skinner
  • Center cut loin saw
  • Chisel heads
  • Combo scale manifest
  • Cryo-vac operator
  • Defat sirloins
  • De-shackler
  • Export bellies
  • Final trim
  • Final trim loin
  • Front foot saw
  • Ham chop
  • Hang heads
  • Head back
  • Hind foot saw
  • Hook sides
  • Index hogs
  • Inspect belly combos
  • Janitors
  • Lift tails
  • Make boxes
  • Notch feet
  • Open kidney
  • Open neck
  • Picnic skinner
  • Place loins on saddle
  • Pull spleens
  • Push hogs
  • Recondition hogs
  • Reject butchers
  • Remove back rib
  • Remove bladders
  • Remove bones & trim picnics
  • Remove button bones
  • Remove chine bone
  • Remove eyelids
  • Remove heads
  • Remove hearts
  • Remove hooks
  • Remove jowls
  • Remove kidney
  • Remove pate
  • Remove riblet
  • Remove sirloin
  • Remove small intestine
  • Remove snout
  • Remove spinal cord
  • Remove stomachs
  • Remove tender
  • Remove trim ABT
  • Rib puller
  • Roll blade meat
  • Saddle loins
  • Saw back ribs
  • Scale back ribs
  • Shave
  • Shoulder chop
  • Sirloin boners
  • Sirloin trimmers
  • Skin patch bellies
  • Skin patch picnics
  • Sort back ribs
  • Sort hams classifier
  • Sort spare ribs classifier
  • Spike heads
  • St. louis rib saw
  • Stomach strickler
  • Transfer butt
  • Trim butts
  • Trim center cut loins
  • Trim cheeks
  • Trim ears
  • Trim giblets
  • Trim inspect heads
  • Trim jowls
  • Trim loin
  • Trim necks
  • Trim picker
  • Trim reject bellies
  • Trim snouts
  • Trim St. louis’ ribs
  • Trim tongues
  • Trolley operator
  • Viscera trim
  • Weigh boxes
  • Wizard bellies
  • Wizard fat
  • Wizard lard