Recruitment Manager

Recruitment Indore, India


As a Recruitment Manager, you will oversee the recruiting functions of the business. You will monitor the day to day recruitment functions and duties related to but not limited to the following tasks: Job Analysis, Sourcing & Profiling, Screening and Selection, Documentation & Reporting. Aside from this, you will also be a designer in a way that you will develop and maintain the recruitment process in the organization (including its description, recruitment measurement definitions, regular measurement reporting, taking proper actions to close gaps). You will also build bridges wherein you will be building  quality relationships with the internal customers/clients and external recruitment agencies. You will also monitor and utilize the costs of the recruitment process. You will manage and develop the team of Recruiters. You will also act as a point of contact for managers regarding recruitment topics, requisitions and inquiries.


So, do you have what it takes to become a Recruitment Manager?



So, what is it we’re looking for? Well since this is a manager post we need someone who has at least a Bachelor’s Degree or College Degree in any field (Are you a Human Resource/Management/Business Administration/Psychology graduate? Even better!). You also need the experience so if you have at least 5 years of working experience in End-to-end Recruitment/Talent Acquisition Lead then great!


Now let’s get a bit technical. It’s a definitive advantage if you have experience in recruitment software, if you know how to use Microsoft and Google applications, and if you have skills in database management and record keeping. We’re also looking for someone who has excellent written and verbal communication skills, have excellent interpersonal skills, someone highly organized, and has outstanding customer service skills. 

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