Business Insights Analyst

Business Intelligence Cali, Valle del Cauca


As Business Insights Analyst you will be responsible for delivery of key client analytics and consulting projects. You will develop analytical insights that measure our clients’ performance across key inputs (such as content quality, compliance, performance metrics, customer experience, etc.). On the basis of this data, you will articulate key insights and best practices, provide a recommendation on the overall campaign strategy, set ambitious revenue and/or performance objectives and assist internal partners on how to  define detailed action plans to reach these goals.

Key Responsibilities:

Additionally, you will lead the thinking and lead the development of monitoring tools/dashboard (Google, Power BI, Tableau, etc) to report on key results achieved by business and draw out insights on further optimization opportunities. As part of this role, you will also be breaking down and communicating the reports and opportunities to key operational partners. You will also be involved in the maintenance of the back-end and front-end architecture of the BIDS reporting for the specific campaign(s) you support, the proprietary analytical tool that aggregates, mines and elaborates campaign reporting. As a business insights analyst, you will be partnering closely with Reporting Analysts, Data Visualization Analysts,  Data Scientists, and Data Engineers to optimize the assigned business(s) you support. In addition, this role requires close attention and engagement with business owners, cross functional teams, and at times clients. 

Skills and Qualifications:

  • At least two years of experience working in Consulting, Business Intelligence, Strategy/Insights, or similar teams. 
  • Bachelor’s degree, concentration in business, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Statistics  or equivalent of experience in similar workspace.
  • Passionate about technology start-ups and driving innovation with data!
  • Strong problem-solving skills and analytical mindset with a test-measure-iterate approach.
  • Ability to manage and prioritize well across competing requirements.
  • High IT Literacy proven use of web and associated technologies (Excel, Power Point, Google apps).
  • Previous experience with Data Visualization tools (Tableau, Power Bi, etc.), is strongly preferred.
  • Ability to interact with directly and influence operational partners, cross functional teams, senior clients.
  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills. Must be at a C1 English level in verbal and written communication to be considered for this role. Must upload a resume in English for consideration.  

About TaskUs:

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