Workforce Manager

Workforce Management Indore, Madhya Pradesh


So, let’s take a look at what it’s like being a Workforce Manager...
In effect, you will lead a team of WF Planners who will maximize the use of manpower resources by
forecasting the volume of transactions -- calls, messages or emails -- and scheduling the correct
number of teammates to handle expected volume of transactions.
You will use your expertise in forecasting and budgeting, staff scheduling, employee performance
management, compliance, time and attendance and vacation leave planning - to improve employee
productivity, enhance labor planning, lower operations costs, and drive efficient time and attendance
tracking for better customer service levels.
As a Workforce Manager, you will coordinate with key stakeholders to provide relevant data to be used in
business cases. Along with this, you will be in charge of maintaining a roster of staff with accurate
employee details that includes availability, preferences and skills.
What else? You will drive improved payroll efficiency; provide better insight into teammate engagement,
attendance and productivity; forecast adjustments in training, coaching and processes - to ensure
maximum performance; drive reduction and optimization of labor costs; automate and provide simple
reporting for workforce-related data - to reduce administrative costs.
On a broader scale, you will be responsible for a comprehensive workforce management system that
increases employee productivity with reduced absences and late arrivals; lower non-compliance risks;
and increase operational agility so that as production schedules and market demands change, the
organization can easily allocate people with the right skills at the right time.
So, do you have what it takes to be a Workforce Manager at TaskUs?

We are looking for a seasoned Senior Workforce Manager with a Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in
Mathematics or Statistics; at least 5 - 7 years experience in managing workforce operations with client
and/or senior management interaction; expertise in capacity planning, forecasting, real-time management,
reporting and scheduling; Proficient in the use of workforce management tools; excellent organizational,
project management and presentation skills; and able to work with large amounts of data to identify trends
and patterns.
We need someone who has the ability to manage multiple, complex, ongoing tasks and projects.
Someone who has a high attention to detail and has a strong desire to optimize procedures and
processes. We need someone who is proficient in statistical analysis and possesses good computer and

software skills. Someone who has a working knowledge of database applications such as MS Office
(Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint), or the ability to learn technology very quickly.
We’d be eager to speak to you if you have strong verbal and written communication skills, a high achiever
and self-starter; but most importantly, you’ve got to have a “people first” leadership and coaching style.

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