People Research Analyst

Content Security Tijuana, Baja California


Job Description

The Research Analyst performs experiments or research studies from protocols outlined by the Director of Global Research for Wellness & Resiliency. 


  • Assist in collaborating with the Director of Global Research & Data Analytics for Resiliency to develop and conduct key studies across TaskUs relevant to their unique population 
  • Ability to accurately describe and record experimental protocols and data to communicate technical results to a technical and non-technical audience
  • Follows established human-subject guidelines and study protocols to recruit and screen employees for eligibility in study participation. 
  • Conducts background research and analysis to support existing projects as well as proposals for new bodies of work; synthesizes research findings to identify and recommend best practices.
  • Extract collect and aggregate data across databases, information sources, survey responses, and other data sources; ensures data quality; cleans and checks existing data for consistency and accuracy.
  • Develops data visualizations for diverse audiences and develops, formats, and prepares reports, charts, and/or graphs for varying documents and written and oral presentations for both internal and external audiences; collaborates with teams to design and help integrate data 
  • Conducts data standardization processes; proactively identifies and proposes alternatives to improve the stability, performance, and accuracy of the data.
  • Balance the need for a quick turnaround with longer-term strategic efforts
  • Extraordinary organizational skills and meticulous eye for detail, with the ability to work independently on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Travel with the Director of Global Research and Data for Resiliency to implement research designs across global sites as needed 
  • Ability to work outside of traditional working hours as needed

Job Qualifications/Requirements 

  • Masters level clinician, or currently pursuing a doctoral degree with 2+ years of experience in research within a field emphasizing clinical practice or related field (Clinical Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Occupational Health Psychology, Social Work, Counseling, etc.)
  • Extensive coursework in human subjects research, and independent research experience with a strong quantitative and qualitative background where you enjoy working with data
  • Understanding the importance of proper design, carrying out, and interpretation of human subjects experiments.
  • Completion of University Human Subjects Training and Financial Conflict of Interest Training is required prior to commencing interviews. 
  • Experience using statistical techniques and programming  to draw insights from data you then use to make informed recommendations (SPSS, R, MATLAB, SAS, Minitab, Python) 
  • Experience as a researcher and/or research assistant for qualitative research studies or school-based research projects, including usability/user testing, surveys, field research, or user interviews
  • Time management skills to be able to carry out multiple tasks in an appropriate amount of time.
  • Ability to work independently on multiple projects simultaneously

Preferred Qualifications 

  • Ph.D. or Doctoral Candidate with 3+ years of experience in a field emphasizing clinical practice or related field (Clinical Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Occupational Health Psychology, Social Work, Counseling, etc.)
  • Experience with behavioral data analysis, designing surveys and experimental research, and analyzing large datasets using appropriate statistical methods
  • You have a client-responsive, customer service mindset; this is a role that blends analytical acumen with interpersonal skill
  • Experience developing tools, conducting empirical research, practical implementation, knowledge of best practices in at least three of the following areas: employee selection, employee wellness, performance management, diversity, or retention

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