Vice President of Operations

Operations San Fernando, La Union


So what does the Vice President of Operations really do? Think of yourself as the leader who will oversee day-to-day operations to support growth and add to the bottom line of the organization. You will focus on strategic planning, goal-setting, and must be fully accountable for ensuring your entire organization is on track. So, not just anyone is qualified for this role. We make sure we get the best of the best! After all, we are a ridiculously good company, and our leaders are top notch, highly skilled and experienced. Now we need your full concentration because it’s time to imagine what it’s like being the VP of Operations.

As you tackle your new tasks for the day, you know that it will lead to one thing:
You will provide management and oversight of all aspects of the business within your site; demonstrate a commitment to excellence and collaborate well with senior leadership.  You are expected to meet the company’s objectives, in addition to having a passion for success, and a proven record of successful strategic planning and implementation. You will provide direction and development; formulate policies and strategic plans for future growth; manage daily operations of personnel, purchasing, administration and other departments; and improve operational efficiency in targeted areas including customer support and engagement.

As VP of Operations, you will closely monitor revenue margins, develop guidelines for personnel evaluations, staff advancement and redeployment. It is expected that you are highly collaborative and can build cross-functional relationships with departmental heads and management across the  business. You will partner with department heads to maintain an efficient team structure and performance, using analytics, processes, and tools. You will maximize client engagements and work with your leadership team to develop plans to meet future site needs.

Being the Vice President, you will maintain profit margins and develop internal control systems to ensure accountability. To achieve this, you will develop strong relationships with outside partners, vendors, and advisors; as well as internal partners, including department supervisors and co-executives.

So, do you have what it takes to become the VP of Operations?


Here’s what we’re looking for... Since this is Vice President role, we need someone who has had previous extensive professional experience with at least 7 years in a Senior Leadership role of a large business or enterprise.  

If you can demonstrate financial management and budgeting skills; make sound business decisions based on data and statistics; can structure effective training & development programs and measure their success; leverage the use of latest technology to enhance the growth of your organization - then that is a big plus in your favor. If you possess a “people first” leadership style with strong communication, interpersonal and leadership skills with a thorough understanding of organizational behavior, workforce planning, metrics, and analytics? Then, we want to talk to you!

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