Master Avatar

Questors Batangas, Philippines


As you look at your tasks for the day, you know that as a leader of the department, you must be aware of everything that’s happening down to the littlest of details. This includes checking who the right yogi is for each employee that sign-ups for a coaching session, scans the feedback from said employees (who shall not be named because of a confidentiality agreement) who’s undergone a session, and analyzing the data gathered by each yogi per session.

As a Master, the data gathered will allow you to create action plans that can help maintain the overall well-being of each employee under your guidance. But it doesn’t end there, the programs and activities you create should always be for the holistic wellness of your employees. Remember, your role is to make sure you help in the betterment of each employee and those active solutions can help employees actively achieve their goals. Apart from that, as someone who knows all the information, you must relay information to respective people. For example, if there is a management issue you must inform the management itself if they need to seek professional help  may it pertain to physical or mental health, you direct them. As a Master Avatar, it doesn’t just end in the coaching sessions or the activities created because as one, you must also be thirsty for new knowledge. You must be someone that wants to constantly improve one’s knowledge as well -- so being a Master avatar means attending workshops, reviewing professional publications, participating in professional societies, and more.

So, do you have what it takes to become a Master Avatar?


So, what is it we’re looking for? Well, since this is a leader post we’d need someone who already has the skills to even call themselves a Master.

We need someone with a strong working knowledge of career counseling and coaching so you could really be the  chief when it comes to handling the department and the department’s main purpose in the company.

We need someone organized because let’s face it,  can you even lead when you can’t even keep your desk clean? Also, we need someone who’s quick to adapt to changes, approachable, and of course is excellent in influencing others because we do not only need bosses  -- we need leaders!

We need someone who can collaborate with others because the truth is no man is an island, and for a department to work, we need cooperation because teamwork makes the dream work!

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