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Human Resources Indore, Madhya Pradesh


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We believe our Frontline employees come first, always. At TaskUs, leaders eat last––in other words, we expect you to put your line of direct reports before yourself. We think in terms of #FrontlineFirst because we know good ideas can come from anyone at anytime. That’s probably why we’re ranked 40th on Glassdoor’s 2019 “100 Best Places to Work” list.  

A special place requires special people. Qualified candidates have a sense of humility, an adventurous spirit, and a relentless work ethic. If you are looking for more than the standard 9 to 5, you’ve found it.

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So what does a People First Strategist really do? Think of yourself as the one who’ll plan, direct, or coordinate the activities of a community service program or community outreach organization, so not just anyone is qualified for this role! We make sure we get the best of the best, after all, we are a ridiculously good company so we make sure our employees are top notch. Now we need your full concentration because it’s time to imagine what it’s like being a People First Strategist.

Imagine yourself going to work with one thing on your mind: that you will oversee the program or organization's budget and policies regarding participant involvement, program requirements, and benefits. As you tackle your new tasks for the day, you know that it comes down to one thing: develop 
and manage strategic partnerships with service providers, organizations and governmental/public partners, including nonprofit agencies.

As a People First Strategist, you will work with members of the community and other stakeholders to identify the types of programs and services that are needed. You will also create outreach and program plans for targeted impact areas and existing volunteer sites aligned the Company’s vision and core values. You will also create and maintain budgets for programs. You will establish evaluation and tracking for impact and results of outreach programs. You will manage and tap TaskUs Clubs to be part of the community outreach programs. You will also monitor the performance of organizational members or partners. You must have effective partnership with the internal teams (leadership, marketing, BED, recruitment, Operations etc.) to ensure success of the community outreach programs.

You will have to manage the sign up volunteers for all community outreach programs. You will also work with the legal team on any and all documentations in partnering with organizations (i.e., MOA). You will establish and maintain relationships with other agencies and organizations in the community to meet community needs and to ensure that services are not duplicated. You will also submit completion or status reports of all community outreach programs. Lastly, you will suggest and carry out improvements to programs and services.

So, do you have what it takes to become a People First Strategist?


So, what is it we’re looking for? Well since this is a manager post we need who has at least 2 years relevant experience in corporate social responsibility management. We also need someone who’s knowledgeable in strategic planning. We’re also looking for someone who has experience in organizing
outreach projects and LGU coordination. Oh yeah, experience in the BPO industry is a plus! Also, if you have background in corporate social responsibility/ advocacy works and you’re knowledgeable in preparing project proposals and progress reports.

TaskUs is the fastest growing tech-enabled business services company in the world, delivering the customer support, AI operations and content security services that power the world’s most innovative companies. Listed as one of Glassdoor‘s “100 Best Places to Work”, USA Today’s “Best Company Cultures” and “Best Companies for Women” by Comparably, TaskUs is a Frontline-First company that puts its people at the heart of everything they do.

TaskUs has been recognized as one of the Inc. “500 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America” for the past seven years consecutively.  Founded in 2008 by Bryce Maddock and Jaspar Weir, the company raised over $250mm in 2018 from the world’s largest private equity firm, Blackstone. 

TaskUs currently has over 15,000 employees and offices across the U.S., Philippines, India, Taiwan, and Mexico. 

TaskUs, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

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