Facilities Manager

Facilities San Fernando, La Union


So what does a Facilities Manager really do? Think of yourself as someone who will manage, manage, and  manage, so not just anyone is qualified for this role. We make sure we get the best of the best, after all, we are a ridiculously good company so we make sure our employees are top notch. Come on, now we need your full concentration because it’s time to imagine what it’s like being a Facilities Manager.

Imagine yourself going to work with one thing on your mind: you'll be supervising and managing the company’s facilities and building administration. As you tackle your new tasks for the day, you know that it will lead to one thing: that you will also be supervising TaskUs’ all-star personnel that includes  as well as an all-star personnel that includes receptionists; security guards; janitorial agencies; maintenance, and more.

As a Facilities Manager, you will be a Master Protector. This means you’ll be ensuring the safety of our employees by providing a secure and hazard-free working environment for everyone.You will put on the shoes of a Quality Inspector. You’ll make sure that our workplace remains in tip-top shape. You’ll call out renovations, repairs, and maintenance if need be.

So, do you have what it takes to become a Facilities Manager?


So what exactly are we looking for? Well, since this a Manager post, we need someone who has the exact brains for it. So we need someone with at least 5 to 10 year experience in Facilities and Building management. Have a degree in Industrial Engineer or ECE? Then that’s better!

What else? Well, we also need someone who has the ability to handle multiple tasks under tight deadlines. Someone who has outstanding verbal and written communication (no robots allowed!). Plus has a ridiculously awesome attitude to blend well with the TaskUs culture.

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