Community Manager (Travel and Mobility)

Facilities Quezon City, Philippines




  • The T&M Manager must have the capability to inspire the people reporting directly to him/her. Must be able to ensure that all direct reports are efficiently doing their individual roles.
  • Must be capable of coaching to properly guide and set expectations towards tasks and goals. Must be able to communicate job expectations and maintain standards and quality of tasks. Must be able to monitor results of direct reports.
  • Ensure that all direct reports will live the core values at all times.
  • The T&M Manager must build relationships with other leaders to ensure that his/her LOB will run smoothly working with the other departments.
  • Must have a high level of accountability that he/she must spread to the rest of the team and direct reports.

Line of Business (LOB) MANAGEMENT / Responsibilities

  • Ensures that any travel and mobility-related matters are addressed and communicated well to leaders.
  • Anticipate internal and external scenarios that can affect the company in terms of deadlines and impact on the business. Must be able to bring people from one place to another quickly but most importantly safely and comfortably as much as he/she can.
  • Anticipate changes in growth and expansion that are related to the company that can affect Travel and Mobility in terms of service and efficiency.
  • Must know how to do the actual job but knows how to delegate the same tasks and get the same quality of service and results. Consistency must be maintained for the services provided.


  • Must know the procedures of travel agencies, hotels, and related industries to ensure quality but must know how to do it too. Searching for the best flights, getting the best accommodation, and all the procedures in between without overspending.
  • Good negotiation and relationship with vendors to get the best deal always for flights, hotels, and any other trip-related matters. 
  • A good relationship with internal and external people for his/her LOB.
  • Enforce policy and procedures of all concerned departments.
  • Improve programs and service quality by devising new applications, updating procedures, policies and evaluating results.

  • Capable of giving best judgment on escalations and emergency situations. Must be able to analyze situations quickly to make the best decision. 
  • Must have a good understanding of the job/role and all elements related to it to see all angels in making decisions for the LOB.
  • High level of Emotional Intelligence and can keep up with changes and new directions. Quick on their feet and overall good decision-maker.
  • Operates with excellent customer service to requestors while Doing More with Less.
  • Must be up to date on the current trends of the industry that can affect the internal process of the company apart from the general knowledge of the Travel piece.


  • Minimum 3 years Leadership Experience
  • Must have experience in Travel and Mobility. Travel having to deal with airlines, hotel, and travel agencies. Mobility having on-hand experience on visa matters. It’s kinds, processes, and relocation.
  • Extraordinary Problem Solving Skills, High level of emotional intelligence is a must.
  • Must have a high level of perseverance and passion.
  • Knowledgeable and must have a background in Airlines, Hotels, and Visa related matters
  • Graduate of a 4-year course preferably related to any of the LOB.
  • BPO, Corporate setup experience is a plus factor. Hospitality background is a plus.
  • Has the ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of executives, managers, clients, customers, and teammates.
  • Knowledge of GSuite applications is a plus factor.

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