Recruitment Pampanga, Philippines


So what does a Recruiter really do? Think of yourself as the person who is responsible for delivering all facets of recruiting success throughout the organization, so not just anyone is qualified for this role! We make sure we get the best of the best, after all, we are a ridiculously good company so we make sure our employees are top notch. So come on, now we need your full concentration because it’s time to imagine what it’s like being a Recruitment Specialist.

Imagine yourself going to work with one thing on your mind: you are responsible for hiring the best possible talent. As you tackle your new tasks for the day, you know that it will lead to one thing: that this will be achieved through employing traditional sourcing strategies and resources as well as developing new, creative recruiting ideas.

As a Recruiter, you will be performing the day to day recruitment functions and duties related to but not limited to the following: Job Analysis, Sourcing & Profiling, Screening and Selection, Documentation & Reporting.

So, do you have what it takes to become a Recruiter?


So what exactly are we looking for? Well, we since this a specialist role, we need someone who has the experience to even call themselves as one. Have at least 2 years of working experience in end-to-end recruitment or talent acquisition? We’re what you need! Also, you must have at least a Bachelor's/College Degree (are you a graduate of HR Management, Business Studies/Administration/Management, Marketing, Psychology or equivalent? That’s perfect!)

We need someone who has very good computer skills, including familiarity with Google applications (such as Docs, Sheets & Slides). We need someone with excellent written and verbal communication skills. Someone with excellent interpersonal skills.

What else? You must have very good computer skills in both Google and Microsoft applications. Can you communicate well with others both verbally and in written form? Yes, we need that! We also need someone who’s excellent in terms of their interpersonal skills and someone who has exceptional skills in database management and record keeping.  As a specialist as well, you need to have excellent organization skills and outstanding customer service skills.

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