Bilingual Customer Service Advisor

Customer Service New Braunfels, Texas


What does a Teammate really do? Think of yourself as the backbone of TaskUs and at the forefront of the client experience, so not just anyone is qualified for this role! We make sure we hire the best of the best, after all, we are a ridiculously good company so we make sure our employees are top-notch

As a Teammate, your type of work varies since it’s going to be dependent on the client supported. But right off the bat, some clients require some of these areas while others just focus on one. Content moderation at TaskUs comes in all flavors. Teammates who are content moderation specialists review online content (written, photo, video, etc.) and classify or rate it.  Think of yourself as someone who keeps the internet safe and teaches computers how to work. Now, teammates who are in charge of customer experience will provide voice and/or written (chat, email, text, etc.) support to our client’s customers. They provide world-class service in an accurate, efficient and respectful manner. While in technical support they will provide a variety of technical support for our clients.  Technical Support Teammates can often be found troubleshooting issues, configuring accounts, etc.   

So, do you have what it takes to become a Teammate?


So what exactly are we looking for? As teammates, qualifications vary per client so if you’re applying as a content moderator, you must have an eye for detail, love to research, and can tolerate the “darker side” of the internet. For customer service, you must be an independent thinker who is passionate about customers. While for technical support, you must love to solve problems, know what questions to ask, and love helping out customers.

Experience in customer service, sales, billing, collections and/or technical support is a plus. Also, experience with phone, email and/or live chat support plus strong verbal and written communication and comprehension skills are a must. 

Now let’s get technical. You must be computer literate and proficient in the use of Windows, Microsoft Office, and Google applications. You also need the ability to type at least 30 WPM.  You must also be flexible and able to quickly adjust to frequent process and information changes.

Creating a Culture of Awareness and Prevention: 


TaskUs believes in being transparent with our new employees about their job duties and the possible impact.  Some of our campaigns include disturbing content. Examples of these types of material may include but are not limited to:

  • Child exploitation and abuse
  • Animal torture
  • Gang Violence
  • Murder
  • Hate Speech

As a content moderator it is important for you to know the potential risks related to this type of work.  While TaskUs is focused on employee wellness by having counselors on-site, resiliency programming, and other wellness initiatives, exposure to graphic and disturbing content is unavoidable. Some individuals with a sensitivity to viewing graphic or disturbing content may be at risk for developing distress, mental health symptoms, or, in rare instances, Secondary Traumatic Stress based on the content they are viewing.

In order to help create a community that is safe for all employees, the Resiliency and Wellness Team takes an active role in the primary prevention of mental health concerns through direct practice efforts, e-learning, skills training, and outreach efforts to the TaskUs community. Our programs seek to raise awareness about psychological issues, challenge ideas that contribute to social inequity, disempowerment, and discrimination, as well as the underlying structures that support them. In addition, our programs empower employees to find and use their voices in a healthy and productive way.  

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