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So what does a Facilities Officer really do? Think of yourself as someone who will oversee and supervise employee logistics management including inventories, supplies requisition and costing, so not just anyone is qualified for this role. We make sure we get the best of the best, after all, we are a ridiculously good company so we make sure our employees are top notch. Come on, now we need your full concentration because it’s time to imagine what it’s like being a Facilities Officer.

Imagine yourself going to work with one thing on your mind: you want to get feedback and build good working relationship with colleagues. As you tackle your new tasks for the day, you know that it will all lead to one thing that your department believes in: that you will ensure facility cleanliness and orderliness, maintenance and quality of equipment and furnishings.

As a Facilities Officer, you will implement the safety procedures and Project Management are priorities. You will also monitor and oversee the security and housekeeping. In terms of employee engagement, you will solicit constant feedback on the site and working conditions from all the employees by implementing regular walkthroughs, focus group discussions, and surveys, and provide timely resolution to concerns wherein you will also formulate programs that will increase employee satisfaction.  In terms of equipment maintenance, you will perform regular inspection of furniture and fixtures, bulbs and lightings, electrical outlets, and plumbing fixtures to ascertain that these are in good working condition. You will also implement preventive maintenance of all Taskus-owned equipment. You will also coordinate and implement preventive and/or corrective maintenance of building-owned equipment. You will also conduct initial check up and troubleshooting of malfunctioning equipment and provide recommendation when needed. Meanwhile, in terms of housekeeping, you will assist the Facility Supervisor/Manager in implementing the site's housekeeping program Implements effective scheduling of utility personnel to support the Operations Monitors and ensures that housekeeping supplies, pantry supplies and toiletries are available at all times. You will also ensure the cleanliness and orderliness of the reception, operations area, offices and conference rooms, and restrooms.

What else? In terms of security, you will assist the facility supervisor/manager in managing the physical security operations of the site Coordinate the investigation and correction of security issues in the site. In helpdesk management, you will also respond to requests of operations teams and other support groups related to equipment setup, venue preparation, permit processing, etc. You will handle the closure of repairs, site maintenance, housekeeping, and security concerns filed thru helpdesk. You will also ensure the adequacy of equipment, furniture and lockers for use by individual representatives. In terms of incident management, you will respond to any incident related but not limited to power, aircon, water, safety, and with the downtime of TaskUs or building owned equipment which has impact to operations. You will also provide first hand analysis, troubleshooting and coordination of repairs to vendor or contractor. In terms of safety, you will implement safety program of the company Acts immediately to correct any unsafe act or hazards that pose risk to Taskus employees Assists government-authorized officials in the site inspection related to safety. You will also handle the closure of the findings or recommendation from site inspection. You will conduct monthly check up of Fire extinguishers, emergency lights, FM 200 and handles rectification of any deficiencies noted. You will also coordinate the annual fire drill with the building.

In terms of PMO project management, you will provide logistic support to the project management team for PM related projects. You will lead and implement the project and improvement initiated by Facilities team. You will also coordinate with vendor or contractor on the implementation of the SOW. You will provide assistance on ingress and egress, and works of vendor or contractor on Taskus secured areas.

So, do you have what it takes to become a Facilities Officer?


So what is it we’re looking for? Since this is an officer post, we need someone with the experience to even call themselves as one -- so if you’re someone with at least 1 to 2 years of experience in Infrastructure and Interior Design/Architecture.

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