Intern - Software Engineering (Summer 2020)

Software Engineering Westminster, Colorado


Job Title: Software Engineering Intern


As a member of our software engineering team, you'll work with other engineers to develop and deliver real software for companies in various industry markets. You'll work in a small project team on a mobile, desktop or embedded application and work closely with the customer to build them what they need.


At Syncroness, we develop new, cutting-edge products for other companies. We don't always know the answer ahead time. Often, we don't even know the exact problem that we're trying to solve. That's why we work closely with our customers to figure out exactly what they want and then build them the product that best meets their needs.

We work on products in a diverse set of industries. From medical to industrial to consumer products, there's no telling exactly what's going to come through the door. And that's the way we like it. Each new product is a chance to learn and do something new.

We don't just develop software either. We have teams of mechanical and embedded systems engineers as well. Many of our software projects involve these other disciplines too.

Job Details

As a small company with a corporate culture of collaboration, if you join our software team you'll report directly to the Director of Software Engineering.

You'll be assigned to a small project team with a few other engineers. They probably won't all be software engineers, but they'll all be interesting and you'll be able to learn something from each of them. You'll regularly check-in with a senior member of the software team who will make sure you're getting the most out of your experience.

Depending on the needs of the product, we develop mobile, desktop and embedded applications. We also do some web development from time-to-time. We can't tell you exactly what kind of project you'll work on, so it's a bit of a gamble. Whatever it is though, you’ll work on real projects that impact the real world.

You should know at least one of: C, C++, Java or C#. You should also have a basic knowledge of design patterns and algorithms. Above all else though, you'll need to be willing to dive in and learn something new.

At Syncroness, sometimes we say that "we specialize in doing things we've never done before" and we'll need you to embrace that same spirit. We'll be here to support you, but you can't shy away from a challenge.

Communication skills and the ability to work in a team are really important to us too. Our best successes come from teams that work well together. Our best teams are those that can communicate well (both within the team and with the customer).

We realize that you're still in college and aren't an expert in anything yet (we're still learning too!). But if you love to solve problems with software and you're willing to roll your sleeves up and figure things out, we're excited to work with you.

This job description doesn't constitute a contract of employment and Syncroness may exercise its employment-at-will rights at any time. Syncroness is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, status as a protected veteran, among other things, or status as a qualified individual with disability.