Senior Tools Engineer



We are a company for gamers, by gamers. We believe that truly good and deeply compelling games are timeless and will ultimately prevail over fine-tuned shallow addiction cycles. Our mission is to make deeply engaging and technically outstanding games, while embracing all the opportunities of cross-platform, new business models and a games industry in flux.

We are looking for motivated and highly skilled people who share our love for making outstanding games. You will need to be ready to take on the task of being part of a small but experienced and dedicated team, not be afraid to get your hands dirty, and have a can-do attitude. Join us! It’s going to be a thrilling ride.

As a tools engineer, you will design, build, and maintain tools and scripts that will make meaningful workflow improvements across a variety of disciplines at Super Evil Megacorp. You’ll play a critical role in enabling our artists, designers, producers, and engineers to create SEMC’s next generation of games.

This position is focused on developing high quality development tools for a world-class, cross-platform AAA game engine. You’ll be responsible for building and extending the tools to improve content creation workflows, standardize content data across systems, help create unique feature rich content and be passionate about creating great user experiences in the tools.


  • Work with the CTO and tech team to build out major tools like UI editors, data conversion tools, and script parsers.
  • Collaborate with tech artists and developers to design and implement new engine features and pipeline tools.
  • Discuss workflows and pain points with stakeholders. Identify opportunities for tools to improve productivity, solve problems, and proactively develop inventive solutions.


  • 4+ years experience as a game engineer or tools engineer for commercial game development or commercial tools software development. 
  • A good amount of games domain (or similar) experience will be necessary.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher, in computer science or related field.
  • Excellent C++ skills.
  • Excellent Python skills.
  • Experience writing tools that improve the user experience of the consumer of the tool or that add some obvious value to game development or similar field.
  • An empathy for artists/designers and the challenges they face when developing content.
  • Well versed in software engineering principles.
  • Experience writing UIs with a toolkit such as wxWidgets, QT, or similar frameworks.
  • Experience with writing or maintaining language or script parsers.
  • Familiarity with an existing game engine with an understanding of game engine and editor concepts.
  • An eye for and interest in UI/UX design.

In order to apply, please provide us with a link to your portfolio that gives us an overview of your skills and abilities. 

Do you feel like you don’t meet each and every requirement on the job description? Many people don't apply for jobs unless they feel they exceed at every one of these job requirements. It’s very important for us at SEMC to ensure we have a diverse and inclusive group of talent, so please go ahead and apply even if you feel that you’re not a “perfect” fit! You just might be what we’re looking for!