Senior Platform Engineer



As a platform engineer, you will build and maintain Super Evil Megacorp’s servers and backend services that power our games, tools, and operations. You’ll play a leadership role in creating one of the most sophisticated game platforms that powers tens of thousands of simultaneous game players, database, analytics, tools and other products and services.

This position is focused on the development and integration of the Platform. You’ll help build components that glue the pipeline together and integrate with 3rd party and open source systems such as Couchbase, Docker, Kubernetes, MQTT, Google Compute, AWS, and PlayFab. From building microservices that support the Platform’s use-cases to creating epic matchmaking algorithms, you’ll work with a team of engineers to plan, develop, and maintain systems that perform well at a large scale.


  • Provide tactical technical leadership for your team in service to our player communities
  • Collaborate with Design, Product/Project Management, and other stakeholders to effectively build and maintain player-facing products
  • Lead technical discussions with a focus on collaboration and group problem solving
  • Empathize with our players, and product stakeholders to design and build technical solutions addressing essential product needs
  • Monitor the production health of our backend services with a positive continuous improvement mindset


  • Extensive experience as a backend engineer
  • Expert knowledge of Python, RESTful APIs, and Pub/Sub messaging
  • Hands on experience working with at least some of: distributed systems, network caching, architecture, design, and live operations
  • Hands on experience with public/private cloud services, such as AWS or Google Compute
  • Pragmatic approach to container ecosystems, including Docker, Kubernetes, and Helm


  • Experience with games platforms as a service (PlayFab, Game Sparks, Hadeon)
  • Experience with distributed NoSQL databases (Couchbase, HBase, Cassandra)
  • Experience with large scale data processing frameworks (Spark, Hive, Presto)
  • Experience with data engineering processes and tools (Segment, Redshift, BigQuery)