Food Service Worker

Dietary Unity, New Hampshire


A Food Service Worker is responsible for providing assistance with the preparation, set-up, and serving of scheduled meals.

Duties include:

  • Obtain food and supplies as instructed.
  • Perform cleaning duties in the kitchen and dining room; gather dirty dishes from the resident floors; load dish-machine; and put all wash goods away in designated locations.        
  • Ensure a sanitized and clean environment.
  • Deliver food trucks & coffee carts to stations/units; collect food trucks & coffee carts and deliver to dish-room for cleaning.
  • Assist with setting up dining room and serving meals.

Minimum Qualifications

A candidate for this class of position will preferably have completed a high school education or equivalent.

A candidate for this class of position should have basic knowledge of the proper methods of serving food and of the care of tableware, glassware, silver and kitchen appliances; basic knowledge of modern cleaning methods and the use of cleaning supplies and appliances; the ability to receive, understand and follow oral and written instructions; the ability to communicate with others, effectively, both orally and in writing; the ability to establish and maintain harmonious relationships with others, such as: residents, general public, co-workers, and other department personnel.