Correctional Officer

Department of Corrections Claremont, New Hampshire


Attendance is a fundamental tenant of Sullivan County. All employees are obligated to report to work for each and every scheduled shift on time and depart from the workplace only when permitted to do so by the County. 

Assist in maintaining correctional facility security and perform the physical count of inmates as required. 

Provide documentation and detail to direct supervisor regarding violations of policies and procedures. 

Participate in inmate admission and inmate release in accordance with established department policies and procedures. 

Participate in the feeding, medical care and general well-being of inmates.

Register visitors and perform weapons checks on visitors. 

Complete daily log, recording movement of staff and inmates inside and outside of the facility. 

Participate in departmental training programs. 

Utilize radio communications to maintain contact with other staff.Send and receive telephone, radio and other law enforcement communications as necessary. 

While operating the control center, monitor the fire alarm panel, monitor video cameras, monitor intercom system, control electronic doors, maintain shift log,  and housing logs. 

While working the floor, review inmate work, issue housekeeping duties and inspect work, monitor inmates in the cell block, operate control boxes in the cell block, maintain the shift log. Monitor meals and conduct unclothed search on all inmates returning to the facility. 

Perform collateral duties such as property and supplies. 

Support and promote the Mission Statement of the Sullivan County Department of Corrections.

Salary Range: $15.52 - $20.95 per hour
Benefits include medical, dental, pension, tuition reimbursement, life and long term disability insurance.