Assistant Director of Career Programs and Operations

Staff Exempt Boston, Massachusetts


The Assistant Director of Career Programs and Operations will perform a wide range of tasks to support the Center for Career Exploration and Professional Development (CEPD) with event promotion, database maintenance, and daily operations.  Duties and responsibilities include entering student, employer, and staff information on the center’s technology platforms. They will assist in various marketing, student surveys, appointment reports, and career outcome reports. This individual will organize and promote all CEPD events in collaboration with the Career Education, Career Communities stands of CEPD and Suffolk’s Office of Marketing and Communication. They will co-supervise student workers to develop social media and email marketing campaigns for effective event promotion. They will support the Center’s daily operations by processing business transactions upon the Director’s approval and working closely with the Administrative Coordinators to oversee events’ expenses.

The Assistant Director of Career Programs and Operations will report to the Director of Operations and Technology and two Administrative Coordinators. The Operations strand is part of Suffolk’s Center for Career Education and Professional Development, which includes two other strands focused on Career Education and Career Communities.

Primary/Principal Responsibilities:

Event/ Marketing

  • Collaborate with Career Education and Career Community staff to build a calendar of events, setting up deadlines and systems to track events’ progress through Microsoft Teams
  • Work with the Office of Marketing and Communications (OMC) to create branding materials, flyers, videos, and updated website content
  • Assist CEPD leadership team and OMC in creating and maintaining a vibrant website for student engagement online.
  • Develop social media, video, email campaigns for CEPD events, and general career information for students in collaboration with graduate fellows, Career Ambassadors, and OMC marketing liaison
  • Edit previously recorded workshops and events to post on the CEPD webpage.


  • Work with Suffolk’s Information Technology Services and outside vendors to update and maintain the center’s databases for Handshake, Quinncia, and Focus 2
  • Develop weekly and monthly reporting of student engagement activities and appointments to inform the CEPD team on key performance indicators and semester goals.
  • Collaborate with the Office of Institutional Research on semester-long and longitudinal surveys to inform CEPD staff of student and employer feedback and outcome reports.
  • Assist the Director of Operations and Technology in creating a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to track communication/ engagement with employers


  • Track and record center’s expenses and report to the Director of Operations and Technology every month
  • Process transactions for supply, travel, events, professional memberships, etc.


  • Recruit and assist in the hiring of Graduate Fellows and Career Ambassadors
  • Develop initial and ongoing training for social media and email marketing for Career Ambassadors
  • Conduct weekly meetings for events promotions and student engagement with Career Ambassadors and Graduate Fellow


  • Bachelor’s degree and 3 years of experience in operations or event planning
  • Working knowledge of career technology platforms, data reporting, and visualization
  • Familiar with Excel, and Microsoft Teams, Adobe Premier, Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva
  • Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills.
  • Demonstrated commitment to quality customer service, including professional appearance, demeanor, comportment, and a high level of responsiveness and care.