Senior Unix Administrator, Information Technology Services

Staff Exempt Boston, Massachusetts


Suffolk University Information Technology Services Infrastructure group seeks a highly motivated Senior Unix System Administrator with significant experience deploying and maintaining AIX and Linux servers. The candidate will be responsible for troubleshooting problems, suggest enhancements to improve system performance, write system scripts for daily administration, and support documentation to automate repeatable tasks. Install new software releases, system upgrades, evaluate and install patches and resolve software and hardware related problems.

Successful Candidates will also be tasked with performing system backups and recovery and maintaining data files, and monitoring system configuration to ensure data integrity. The System Administrator will help secure and harden infrastructure technologies and create/maintain system procedural and technical documentation. 

Responsible for applying technology and designing system architectures to align with organizational strategic business objectives. This position will be responsible for the university’s technical infrastructure's optimal performance and delivery of services to our customers. Consults with project managers, analysts, programmers, administrators, and other IT professionals on system design, limitations and capabilities, and system performance requirements. Researches new technologies and applies new ideas to enterprise business needs. Performs post-mortem problem investigations to identify and correct inconsistencies and problems with operating system and application installations. 

Principal Responsibilities: 

  • Manage AIX and Linux servers housing various applications.
  • Provision and maintain Linux servers for production/test/development use.  Coordinate with the stakeholders in the configuration and deployment of required servers.
  • Manage the use of Linux/Unix based monitoring tools, such as Nagios and Nmon, and patch management and update tools such as yum, apt, and DNF.
  • Perform standard administration tasks, including monitoring, installations/upgrades of the operating system, and applicable application software.
  • Manage and update the AIX NIM (Network Install Manager) server.  Use of NIM server to deploy updates to AIX lpars.
  • Manage and make Use of IBM HMC to manage the lpars.
  • Troubleshoot, investigate and resolve operating system issues.
  • Create procedures for technical processes.
  • Document all production changes in the ServiceNow change management module.
  • Manage file transfer integrations to and from remote servers—for example, the secure transmission of sensitive information to the bank by sftp and public key authentication.
  • Perform and complete requests for services. (E.g., backups/restores, patch application, user account maintenance, etc.)
  • Monitor and maintain hardware components, working with the vendor for support when necessary.
  • Perform proactive measures, such as system tuning, to maintain a stable, efficient allocation of resources.
  • Utilize basic project management skills to assist in the development of plans/timelines for projects.  Provide status reports and exchange relevant information with management and other members of the ITS staff.
  • Work closely with the network team to maintain/improve/troubleshoot various components when needed.
  • Work closely with the Senior Enterprise System Admin(ERP)/DBA to ensure that the Colleague environments maintain 100% uptime.
  • Work closely with and support the ITS Applications team on data flow to external applications.
  • Coordinate with other ITS Infrastructure team members, monitor Data Center environment (HVAC and Power), and Coordinate with facilities services and vendors to ensure the Data Center maintains reasonably optimal conditions.
  • Effectively uses on-line monitoring tools such as Schneider APC interfaces such StructureWare and Symmetra.


  • Bachelors’ Degree in Computer Science and/or equivalent combination of experience.
  • 5+ years working as an engineer with Linux to include troubleshooting, tuning, upgrading, monitoring, and patching.
  • 5+ years’ experience with VMware / Microsoft Server related experience; or equivalency.
  • Significant and current experience administering AIX.  Must have the ability to perform the IBM/AIX tasks previously outlined in the responsibilities. Our current version of AIX Version is 7.2, and the current platform is Power 9 running on an IBM e950 in the primary datacenter and Power7 on an IBM p770 at the DR Site.
  • Experience writing shell scripting in ksh and bash.
  • Knowledge of various web server packages such as Apache and Tomcat, and the software used by webservers.
  • Knowledge of the various monitoring tools such as Nagios and IBM’s nmon and load testing tools such as Apache JMeter, NewRelic, Ipswitch’s IMacro.
  • Knowledge of the principles of the ITIL framework and the lifecycle stages.
  • A desire to expand and improve professional/technical knowledge and competency. This can be demonstrated by participating in a professional organization, attending seminars, attending classes or tutorials, researching technical documents, etc.
  • Knowledge of networking concepts (TCP/IP, DNS, etc.).
  • Knowledge of database management systems such as MySQL and PostGress.
  • Ability to work independently and proactively.
  • Demonstrated analysis and problem-solving skills.
  • Some on-call responsibilities for the position are expected and required; anticipated frequency will depend on the situation.